I invested in some new lilies this year as I wanted something different to the Stargazer Lilies – they were just too pink for me.  I went for two types of lilies that I discovered lurking at the back of a display in one of my local garden centres.  I bought them back in January and was completely sold by the photos on the packaging.  The first lily has put on growth  much quicker than the other and there have been fat buds for the last week all promising wonderful things but would the flowers live up to the photos?

Well I needn’t have worried the flowers are quite delicious and positively glamorous in my view – certainly living up to the  plants name Lilium L.A. Eyeliner.  The Eyeliner bit refers to the dark edging all round each petal which you can just see if you look very carefully.  The edging is picked up by the speckles that radiate out from the bottom of each petal and pick up on the pollen stamens.  All very aesthetically pleasing. It has a certain subtle elegance about it which, in my opinion, knocks those Stargazer Lilies into a cocked hat.

So far no sign of lily beetle but I am being vigilant as I would really like these to go from strength to strength.  And the other lily I hear you asking – well so far very tight and we will just have to wait and see.