Picture this: On The Road Again

This month’s photographic challenge from Gardening Gone Wild is entitled ‘On the road again’.  The criteria is a photo which reflects a new garden that you have come across during your summer travels, giving a sense of place.

I have already posted about La Mortella gardens on Ischia which were stunning but I was also taken whilst we were on Ischia at its greenness in comparison to the mainland coast.  The Italians call Ischia the Green Island which it is compared to Capri due to being comprised of volcanic rock but compared to the UK it was still very rocky and barren in places.  I suspect that some of this will be as a result of temperatures in the  Med which are much higher than here in the UK.  I was very aware of the large number of succulents and cacti on the island.  They provided a sense of ‘otherness’.  We have cactus here but they are rarely left outside and rarely do you see them of the size in the photo above.  The dish was about 2ft wide so you can see these are very large cacti.

I took the photo not at a garden open for visiting but in the grounds of a hotel where we stopped for lunch.  I was particularly taken by the way the cacti stood out against the bright blue sea and sky beyond.  The dish was one of three arranged along the top of the wall and were a striking feature.  For me this photo sums up the planting on Ischia and the complete sense of such a different environment to that which I am used to at home.


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  1. Christina says:

    I think your photo is great, it sums up the climate of southern Italy. It also tells you something very important about La Mortella gardens; they are heavily irrigated to create that tropical look. Most of the plants there would die without irrigation, that’s one reason I’m not so fond of it. Water is too precious a resource to use irresponsibly. Christina

  2. VP says:

    I like the glimpse of the sea and the palm in the background which give clues to where you are

  3. HelenReeley says:

    It’s a great ‘photo. Sometimes you can get shots like this in Kernow with the blue sky and palms in the background. Have you been to the Italianate styled gardens in St Mawes called Lamorran-these gardens are truly stunning and on a bright sunny day which it was when I visited two years ago you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Italy.

    1. patientgardener says:

      No, I have been to St Mawes, but not the Lamorran gardens though I think I have seen them on the TV. They are on my list of gardens to visit

  4. PatioPatch says:

    Blue and terracotta are a great combo but I love the way the cacti are almost busting out of the pot, like large ladies. Shadows are good too 🙂

    Laura x

  5. This definitely isn’t the UK! While these aren’t native to California, they’re used quite a bit in landscaping projects around here, even more so now that we finally have them available for much more reasonable prices. As recently as five years ago large golden barrel specimens were so rare and valuable that they’d be stolen out of the ground, prompting one community to microchip their plants.

  6. Sometimes I wish I lived in a Mediterranean climate, and pictures like that one make that wish more real. I really like the contrast between the cacti and the ocean and sky.

  7. The colors are lovely and the cacti so plump and delectable! Good luck in the contest.

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