GBBD August 2010 – Daisy, Daisy

A couple of years ago I decided that I needed more daisy type flowers in the garden to attract insects.   Well I can safely say that I have now addressed that, in fact I hadn’t realised just how many daisy type flowers I had until I bought the Leucanthemum Broadway Lights above yesterday.  I couldn’t resist it and kidded myself that I was rescuing the plant which was quite large and in a ridiculously small pot.  Within minutes of being planted it was covered in insects.  It was when I was trying to place it I realised that there was a bit of a daisy theme going on. Even one of my new Dahlias, Swan Lake (below), is daisy like.

I also have Rudbeckias, both annual and perennial.

There are also Helianthus and Bidens in tight bud so in about a week there will be even more daisys for the insects to feast on.  Usually at this time of the year the star of the show is the Ligularia Desdemona (below).  It is flowering well but very stunted in height – a good foot and half shorter than in previous years so it doesn’t look as dramatic as normal which is a pity.

However, all is not lost the garden is really hotting up with an increasing number of red flowers coming into their own.  I know I like red anyway but I have realised that this preference has crept into the garden.  They mostly in the same border and include a gorgeous Dahlia Chat Noir (below)

Nearby is Lobelia Tupa (below).  I grew these from seed last year and its the first time they have flowered; I have to say the flowers are quite weird but very interesting.  There is also Lobelia Cardinalis in this border but it isn’t in flower yet and I have been wondering if it might be one red to many in such a small area!

I do have some Japanese Anemones in this border and their white flowers act as a good counterpoint to the reds and bright oranges as well as calming things down and giving the eyes somewhere to rest.  I think if you have too many similar colours together they lose their individual affect so its good to break them up.

Other cooling plants are a Thalictrum (below) which seems to have started flowering quite late this year, some Cleome given to me by Artists Garden and a lovely white rose which is on its second flush.

Those are the highlights from the actual garden.  In the pots my Pineapple Lilies are going great guns as is one of the Calla Lilies

As ever there are lots of flowers about to burst into flower which will have gone over by the time the next Garden Bloggers Bloom Day comes round so I will have to try and make sure I record them on this blog during the next month.

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17 Comments on “GBBD August 2010 – Daisy, Daisy

  1. The daisy types all seem so simple and cheerful – no wonder the insects feel welcomed by them. You’ve got a lot of nice things blooming now 🙂

  2. I am intigued by your Lobelia Tupa – how unusual. But looking at all your beautiful blooms, it is the whites that stand out for me – must make this more of a theme for next year. Thanks for the inspiration


  3. Lovely plant selection though I am a little at sea with the Garden bloggers bloom day – there is a whole new argot out there!

  4. Hi never too many daisy flowers apart from those that grow in the lawn. I have been having fun with sewing Rudbekias this year and they are already flowering unlike the Echinacea which take so long to flower and then get eaten by the slugs the following year.

    I saved seeds from some white daisy flowers I forget their name and then forgot all about them until the plant flowered again this year. lol must do better next year.

  5. What beautiful blooms! I love your daisy theme. I just planted a baby ligularia this year – seeing yours I now have very high hopes for it. Love that lobelia tupa – very interesting!

  6. I love your daisies, Helen! Having the pollinators cover them so quickly must have been delightful! We like to see activity in the garden, a living organism. The lobelia flowers are odd, pretty but unusual. Happy Bloom Day!
    (miss you)

  7. Ohh that Lobelia Tupa will go very nicely in a fiery hot garden design im working on at the moment, in fact a number of those you showed would, thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Like the new look. Your post title made me smile as when I was a child my dad used to sing ‘Daisy,Daisy’ when he was shaving. Enjoyed the tour of your August garden.

  9. Hello Helen. We share a passion! I love daisy flowers too, and I’m growing my collection to bring in the bees and other insects. Even my dogs name is Daisy! Love your blog and photos.

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