Mistaken Identity

I was very pleased with my artistic grass photo that I posted on my last post for Wordless Wednesday but it has caused some debate over the plant’s ID so I thought I would post the other pics I took of the plant to see if this clears up the debate.

I saw the plant on my visit to Arley Arboretum and Garden and loved not only the structure of the seedheads but also the colouring of them and the fact that the plant was only 3-4ft (I’m not very good at guesstimates).  I posted the photo below and tagged it according to the label which was by the plant (second photo below).

As you can see the plant was labelled Achanatherum Calamogrostis but the general consensus is that it is in fact a Miscanthus and I can see where people are coming from, though I thought Miscanthus were generally taller!

I  was so taken with the plant that I bought 3 plants labelled Achanatherum Calamogrostis from their plant sales area.  So either I have got Achanatherum or Miscanthus and there is no guarantee that the young plants I bought actually came from the one in the photo – so all in all confusion abounds!!  Never mind there are few grasses that I don’t like and I needed some for a particular location so whatever they are will be fine!

4 Comments on “Mistaken Identity

  1. Hi Helen, in a way it doesn’t matter what the grass is – it’s beautiful and its doing what you want – that is the most important thing. It seems the syn. for Achanatherum calamogrostis is Stipa calamogrostis and that might help you decide what it really is. Stipa are cool season grasses that flower earlier and should be transplanted in autumn; Miscanthus on the other hand are warm season grasses usually flower later in the season and should be transplanted in spring. don’t be deceived by height, I have Miscanthus Graziella which is about 60 cm. Anyway all this stimulates our knowledge! Thank you

  2. Dear Helen, It is so so difficult to keep up with the botanical nomenclature of our garden plants. It all seems to me to change all the time. Whatever, your grass is lovely and, if it continues to give pleasure and thrive in its position, what does anything else matter?!!

  3. Plant names are hard enough to keep track of, and the proof is how often nurseries and even public gardens get it wrong! I agree, I can’t think of a grass I wouldn’t find room for, maybe excepting the semi-invasive zebra grass.

  4. Well whatever it is, it’s very pretty. I hope the three you ended up with do look like this one whatever the name. I’ve bought plants before and looked them up when I got home only to find conflicting information between the tag and what was on the internet.

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