Lottie Update – Week 2

Here is one of those photos that only the digger of the plot would appreciate but I am posting this as I am using the blog as a way of recording my progress on the new allotment.  It’s such a huge undertaking that I need to remind myself of how I am progressing or I will just throw in the towel as they say. Or maybe that should be throw in the spade!!

Visits to the allotment are restricted to weekends at the moment as by the time I leave work it is dark.  So I am aiming for an hour on both Saturday and Sunday weather permitting.  They say it takes 6 weeks to get into a habit so I am determined to stick to this as much as possible.  Also the digging will help me get fit.  I need to get fit as I don’t have a lot of stamina and there are things I want to do in the future which will need me to be a lot fitter than I am.  There is no way that I am ever going to go to a gym, its my idea of hell.  I have tried to get into other good habits such as walking on the hills but I just don’t stick to it so hopefully as digging the allotment has an end purpose I might actually managing to get fit this time.

Saturdays my eldest son seems to be getting into the habit of coming with me which is wonderful.  He is very useful being a joiner and now training as a cabinet maker.  He sees his role as sorting out the ‘landscaping’ of the plot and was busy yesterday marking out the paths for me. This is great as I don’t have to dig the paths and seeing each of the beds marked out is making the plot feel more manageable.  His next job is to start putting in wooden edges to keep everything ship-shape.  We have managed to source 4 supplies of pallets which is excellent news.

We did have a laugh as we have put a path down the middle of the plot and  have decided to concentrate on one side of the path first and then once that is sorted and in use we will start on the other side of the path.  In the meantime we are studiously ignoring the other side and have decided that isn’t ours!  We have been moaning about the lax attitude of the owners of the other side of the plot.  So far ‘they’ dont have a name but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we give them names and a whole back history!!!

Sunday mornings are becoming my time for peace and reflection on the allotment.  I was there very early this morning and completed the bit of digging you can see in the photo above.  I set myself a realistic goal each time and a time limit so I don’t over stretch myself.  Having got a nice rectangle dug over, I straightened the edges so it looks all smart.  Just another 17m of the same to do!!!

Oh and this is the view from where I am digging – just me and the odd bird.

8 Comments on “Lottie Update – Week 2

  1. Looks ace! Are you going to sow broad beans, onions and garlic now? When I got my first allotment it hadn’t been used for 15 years, so it really helped me to get stuff growing in the spaces I’d cleared. It was also autumn so I couldn’t plant much, but it made me live broad beans! I also hate the gym. Since moving to London I’ve not had an allotment. Miss it (and miss ‘digging’ arms).

  2. Helen, make sure your paths are wide enough to allow for a wheelbarrow, and keep the beds just wide enough for you to reach into the center from both sides.
    Looking good!

  3. Looking good! The biggest hurdle is getting yourself started and you have already overcome that. Nothing gets going without a start right?

    It’s good to see another new gardener, good luck to you. We’ll be looking forward to updates.

  4. You have a great work ethic Helen! Looks like the digging is coming along nicely. It’s great you have some help too and don’t have to go it completely alone. I think it’s an excellent idea to post your progress on your blog ~ this time next year I bet you’ve come a long way!

  5. It sounds absolutely wonderful and the fact that your son is joining in with you must be very gratifying. I feel really very envious – although that will be less so when you post pictures of the lottie in the rain/sleet/snow etc.

  6. What a beautiful spot. And I can really appreciate that picture of a dug over bit of bed. It is massively satisfying turning a piece of chaos and weeds into this. Well done with the edging idea too, cos if you dont you will just end up re-doing this digging every year, forever and ever…

  7. Little and often seems to be a good mantra for the lottie Helen. It took me sometime to realise but it sounds as if you have already grasped this guideline and yes it is oh so much more enjoyable than any gym.

  8. Looks a nice setting. You are taking the right approach – not doing too much at once but trying to vesit regularly. Think of all those vegetables next year 🙂

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