Starry delights

I’m not a big one for outside Christmas lights. Part of me has always worried about having outside lights plugged into the mains, how do you do this without running cables out of windows etc.  So when Dobbies asked me if I would like to review some outside lights that were solar-powered I leapt at the chance particularly as they were the ones that you stick in the ground, so no going up ladders trying to attach cables to barge boards.

The ones they sent me to try were Premier Solar Twilites – a pack of 10 LED Solar path lights with stars. They are quite small lights and at first I thought they would be lost but it is amazing how much light they do actually emit.

Being a bit of a technophobe I asked my eldest son to set them up.  It took him all of 10 mins. The lights  are connected by a power cable and each light has a sort of stick which it slides into.  He did comment that they didn’t seem to stay very securely in their sticks and kept coming out as he was sticking  others in the ground.  The string of lights is powered by a dinky solar panel which you have to position so it catches the most sun.

The solar panel allows you to choose one of three settings: flashing, slow flashing and just on.  The slow flash has every other light on and then switches to the other  lights if you get my meaning.

We are quite taken with  the lights. Our only criticism is that the stands for each light aren’t easy to get standing upright and it is hard to make the stars appear at the top of the stick. Instead many of ours  had a more droopy appearance where the cable was hanging out of the top but this does add a certain charm.  After all do we really  need everything regimental.

Even that the lights are £14.99 I think they are good value and worth giving a go – they certainly brighten up our front garden and look particularly festive against the snow we have at the moment.

9 Comments on “Starry delights

  1. Hi Helen,

    They look very nice! I’m tempted to get some but worry that at this time of year there isn’t enough sun to keep them lit – we’re on the wrong side of the hill.

    I do like the ad-hoc look where they droop to be honest, almost looks like shooting stars 🙂

  2. Helen those are delightful little stars you have for Christmas !
    I think they are well worth it : )

  3. These are so fun! I usually don’t put up any lights either but this year I am. I added candles to my front windows and will light up my spruce in the back (while it is still relatively small) as well as the grapevines in the front. These appear to be easy, look great (I like the floppy shooting star effect), and they are bright! Thanks for sharing.

  4. They sent me some too but I can’t get any light at all (sob!). Admitedly we have had no sun since they arrived and the ground is frozen solid so they will not push in. When it gets above freezing I will go outside and take a look.
    At this rate there will be no review till after Christmas.

    • Are you sure they are turned on – not meaning to be cheeky but I struggled with the buttons. Son says they dont need much sun as UV fuelled – all a bit beyond me but we havent had that much sun and they stayed on all night

  5. Those star lights look lovely! Perfect for the season I think 🙂

    Some christmas lights can be used as an all year round ornament in the garden. Neutral and plain are the ones to go for. The perfect time to buy them is just before or right after Christmas when they greatly reduce the price, bargain!

  6. I bought some of these at Dobbies in 2010 and they were fabulous in my garden for at least a year until something chewed through the cable and ruined them! Haven’t seen them on sale since 😦

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