Allotment: Planting Plan

I have been very frustrated over the last month or so that I just haven’t been able to get any work done on the allotment due to the snow, ice, rain and today strong winds.

However, I have not been idle or turned my back on it.  No I have been busy planning and plotting away.  Today we picked up the membrane for the paths.  It is 50cm wide and you roll it out like carpet and peg it down.  Hopefully this will make a huge difference psychologically as I will  be able to lay out the beds and I will have more of an idea of where I need to dig and more of a purpose than being confronted by a sea of mud a I am now.  Also I will be able to make sure I only walk on the paths and this will avoid the ground becoming too compacted.

In order to work the pathing requirements out I have had to get my head round laying out the beds so finally I have stopped procrastinating and decided on 11 small 1.5m x 3/2.8m beds plus the soft fruit area at the far end of the plot. Again the plan is to avoid walking on the beds as much as possible to avoid compaction. This probably isn’t the most straight forward plan for crop rotation but I  think it is manageable – time will tell!!

I have split up the potatoes into earlies and main in two different beds.  I have two beds of squashes (if you  include courgettes in this category) and I plan to use trench composting in these beds to get rid of the weeds – who knows if it will work but its worth a go. Now I have a plan I can prioritise the digging of the beds and break it down into what needs digging by when which will mean that my time at the plot will be used more effectively.  I can also point my parents  who are helping to the right bit (they have a copy of the plan!)

The top of the plot will  be soft fruit.  I have the plants already languishing in pots on my patio. Getting the raspberries in is my first priority as I have other plans for where they are heeled in which I am also keen to get on with.

The weather has been depressing me but I feel a lot happier now I have a plan.  When the weather is better we can get on and I have decided that until at least March I am keeping my weekends free so I can focus on getting on top of things.  Plus if I don’t manage to get everything done I will just decide which crop to sacrifice this year or whether it would be better to plant a later crop and give myself more time.

So next step the delicious task of ordering the seeds



10 Comments on “Allotment: Planting Plan

  1. Helen, I have always said that I am not bothered with the fact that I don’t grow fruit or veg. When I look at your plan Mmm, I wish I had put myself about. Another thing, I see you also use wordpress, try as I may I have not sussed out how to add text directly to the right of a photo like you do.

  2. Trench composting – I want to know more about it! I hope you’ll tell us about your experience. Good luck Helen!

  3. How wonderfully exciting! You’ll have to keep us posted on the trench composting, I was going to give it a go but decided the logistics would probably defeat me. Plan looks very workable – but then what do I know! I got some membrane stuff for the new paths too, put the first piece down this morning in the drizzle then realised I’d forgotten the pegs… Currently held down with rocks, which will be heaven for all the slugs 😦 Love the look of your fruit area, bet it will be a lovely place to sit and rest from your toils!

  4. This really looks like a well thought out plan laid to paper. You have considered so much. Now your real work lies ahead, but it sounds like you don’t look at it as work, but a challenge and a pleasure. I am enjoying your new project.

  5. It all looks very organised. Hope you will enjoy your lottie as much as I enjoy mine (shared with younger son).

  6. I agree with a lot of the above comments, Helen. It’s a really well-thought-out plan, and I hope the weather gods reward you with just the right mix of sunshine and showers. The idea of the 1.5m wide beds, to minimise compaction from feet entering the beds, is a particularly good one. Best of luck!

  7. I think smaller beds are a good idea and are much easier to cope with – also a very large area is broken down into manageable chunks which is good for the morale! Once the paths are in it will look like a series of cupboards waiting to be filled with goodies!

  8. Having just got our allotment I am finding this of great interest,am at the planning stage now,and am extremely excited about it.Thanks for sharing and helping

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