Exciting new projects and an anniversary


Lovely fat buds with promise of Spring
Lovely fat buds with promise of Spring

Its been a little strange round these parts in the last couple of weeks.  Just before Christmas I was contacted by the local BBC radio station.  They are working on improving their website and wanted to link through to my blog as a local garden/nature blog.   Great no problem – more visitors maybe!  Then she went on to ask how I felt about a small guest slot once a month on the Sunday gardening programme!!  For someone who avoids drawing attention to themselves this idea was a hoot.  We agreed they would come back to me after Christmas.  I consulted friends and family and they all agreed that I should give it a go as if I didn’t I would probably regret it.  This tied in with  my philosophy that you should grab opportunities when they come up (providing they didn’t terrify you completely).  I am a real believer in serendipity.  So when Julia from the BBC rang back I agreed to give it a go.


A tour of the studio and meeting the presenter followed I felt a little less nervous – but not much.  I was reassured that we were only talking 10 minutes and it would be more of a chat.  So last Sunday I did my first slot.  It was fun but over far too quickly and I realised that you can’t be polite on radio and wait for someone to finish speaking as that isn’t how it works.  I have another slot booked for a couple of weeks time.  The local radio did a nice write up which you can access here

Mark Diacono at Malvern Autumn Show
Mark Diacono at Malvern Autumn Show

I’m not the only one with exciting new projects happening.  Mark over at Otter Farm has set up an online shop.  You may remember that I reviewed Mark’s book A Taste of the Unexpected and he has followed this up with creating an online area where you can buy seeds and plants, not all the ones in his book are currently available but they will be during the year hopefully.  I had drawn up my seed list for the allotment a couple of weeks ago but had held off ordering when Mark announced that he had decided to set the shop up.  The website is lovely, very modern and clean looking although there are far too many photos of flowerpots at the moment! (they are there until Mark has photographs of various varieties to replace them).  All his seed packets are the same price which makes life easier.  I have placed my order and am now eagerly awaiting its arrival.  Mark will be expanding the site to incorporate recipes and tips and ideas etc – he wants it to be more than just an online shop.  It all sounds exciting and I would recommend a visit.

So 2011 has started off with some exciting developments and I have realised that today my blog is 3 years and 2 days old – I’m amazed I stuck at it for this long but I am glad I have.  Through it I’ve made some fab friends, been great places and learnt new skills.  I wonder what this year will bring


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  1. Congratulations! A 10 minute radio programme with the BBC will look quite nice on your CV!

  2. How exciting – and scary! I did a couple of radio things years ago for work and found it much harder than I’d anticipated. Good for you taking on the challenge – and congratulations on blogging for over 3 years.

  3. Liz says:

    Hi Helen,

    Congrats on the anniversary and on the radio slot, very exciting indeed.

  4. Victoria says:

    OMG, congratulations! A media star in the making – that’s fantastic news. xx

  5. Juliet says:

    Happy blogaversary, & how exciting about the radio show – well done on deciding to go ahead with it!

    Thanks for the link to Mark’s shop – I hadn’t seen that & it will be very useful.

  6. Anna says:

    A radio star in our midst ~ you will be broadcasting live at Malvern soon ~ that’s my prediction. Many congratulations on the third anniversary of your blog Helen – long may it flourish! Unfortunately I have already bought most of my seeds but I just had to order one or two goodies from Mark 🙂

  7. Happy Blogiversary to you. And I am impressed, a radio gig. Congrats on deciding to give it a go. I could never do that, so I m truly impressed.

  8. Liisa says:

    Happiest of Blog Birthdays to you!! And, congratulations on a very exciting start to the new year. You will be wonderful!!

  9. ‘it was fun but over far too quickly’ Wow! Congratulations!! Makes for one very happy blogaversary!

  10. Congrats! Very pleased for you. Could be a great stepping stone to who knows what?
    Best wishes

  11. Jo Thompson says:

    Good for you, Helen! It isn’t easy, especially when you’re on the spot for phone-ins etc. I’m full of admiration for the experts who know so much about so much without any time to swot!
    Go for it: today, local radio, tomorrow, Gardener’s Question Time….?

  12. Alistair says:

    Congratulations, I am not surprised as you have a great way with words, bet it gave you one big buzz. I see Monty Don is taking over gardeners world again, think I may contact him and see if we can get you a slot on there as well.

  13. ronniejt28 says:

    Hey well done! Its strange hearing yourself. Have you kept a recording? Many moons ago I was on the late John Peel’s Saturday morning program “Home Truths” talking about the empty nest syndrome. I taped it when it was broadcast a week later (highly sliced – 20 mins down to about 3 mins) but have since lost the tape, much to my disappointment.

  14. patty says:

    A radio spot on the BBC is wonderful news for the new year. Also congratulations on the third year anniversary. May words never fail you.

  15. Jean says:

    Helen, I’m just getting caught up on a couple weeks of blog posts, so I’m a bit late to the party here — but a belated happy blogaversary, and congratulations on the well-deserved recognition from the BBC!

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