A gardening day at last

Today was the best day in the garden this year but that isn’t really saying much as it’s the first day I have really been able to spend any time outside due to the cold, rain, frost, ice or snow since November.

As normal I had half a dozen ideas of what I wanted to get on with today but I became distracted by the pond.  Having written a blog post for Yell.com on tidying your pond before the frogs spawn I thought I ought to take my own advice and do just that!.  Despite having spent some time in the autumn trying to clear leaves from the pond it was quite choker with leaves and sticks particularly after the gales we have had over the weekend.  I donned my rubber gloves and set to.  It was a smelly and dirty job but I am pleased with the result.

I disturbed a frog which sat just peeping out of the water looking at me, presumably unimpressed.  I went to take a photo of the frog but he disappeared as soon as the camera appeared typical.  Anyway, its good to know that at least one frog has survived the last winter, hopefully there will be another of the opposite sex and lots of frog spawn will follow.

I had to take a short break to clean myself up and pop into Worcester for my short 10 min monthly  guest slot on the local gardening radio programme (I’m about 15 mins in).  Then it was back to the garden and more tidying.  The deciduous grasses have been cut back and the old shoots removed which required a sort of combing technique – time-consuming but they look much better now.

I pricked out my onion seedlings, tidied the greenhouse, did a bit of weeding and cut back the leaves on some of the hellebores so I can see the flowers better. I now ache all over but feel rejuvenated and happy with even more plans and schemes buzzing in my head.

16 Comments on “A gardening day at last

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s quite a relief for me to know that I wasn’t the only gardener with a stinky pond this side of December! Hoping for frog spawn too…

  2. So glad you’ve had a lovely gardening day too! Doesn’t it make you feel better?
    You’re very good growing onions from seeds, I’ve always used sets, a little more expensive, but not much more as you usually get 100% sucess with sets. I’ll be interested to see how your seedlings progress. Christina

  3. Christine – I am growing shallots from sets, I thought I would compare the two!

    dozenoaks – I am sure there are many stinky ponds around at the moment!!

  4. Ah yes, pond clearance – high on my “to do” list but not yet ticked off! Glad you had such a good day in the garden, sets you up for the week, doesn’t it.

  5. Hurrah for a day in the garden – one of the best signs that Spring is upon us.
    Glad you had a good day Helen – your hellebores are further along than mine ….. as is your pond clearance!

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  7. Hello Helen, yes it is great to spend a day in the garden, even in our northerly situation. Just ready to get our small pond tidied up a little. Our one is only about six feet by eight so I was able to make a shallow wooden frame, cover it with wire, doesn’t half help in keeping out the leaves. Of course I have to store it in the garage come Spring.

  8. After yesterday’s stormy weather, today is bright, although still very blustery. My gardening today has consisted of retrieving the wheel barrow yet again, and rebuilding and repotting the plants that were in the little poly growhouse by the back door, as that had decided it was Mary Poppins too *sigh*.

    Also pruned some roses, well I say some, I gave up at 30 as my right hand was beginning to swell, and I have treatment tomorrow, and didnt fancy explaining what I had been doing.

    Your pond looks very natural, I want a pond too, but am never sure how to incorporate one into my garden. Currently toying with the idea of installing something small and formal in the middle of the garden in the eye line between the French windows, and a small pergola that’s I am hoping to get erected this Spring.

    We have lots of frogs and toads, despite no pond, even get newts in there lizardy land stage lurking in the shadey bits.

  9. You have remained me of what I must do – empty my pond a start again! It is decidedly stinky at the moment; it’s just the thought of wadding in doesn’t fill me full of joy! Of course this is one of the countless jobs I must get down to after such a cold winter. Good luck with your pond…

  10. Hi Helen,

    Glad to hear you’ve managed to get out.

    No such luck here, the wind has picked up again and it’s very blustery. The sun has popped out a number of times but the chill factor is just too much, plus it’s very difficult to see with the wind blowning my hair in my eyes, mouth and nose! haha.

    I hope to get some jobs done later in the week though, assuming the wind finally calms.

  11. Dear Helen, It is so energising when a start has been made in the garden and signs of life stirring in the ground are all around. Hellebores really do pay for being tidied I think as the fresh new flowers are so pretty when not enveloped in last year’s leaves.

  12. So glad you were able to get out in your garden…it’s so lovely when you *finally* can get outside. Your hellebore is so pretty, too!

  13. It’s amazing how good those aches feel when you’ve just been working in the garden. I love your hellebore, it’s different from any I have. I was just noticing how badly my pond needs cleaning out too. I’m still waiting to find a pond in my pond after about 7 years of looking.

  14. Just listened to your radio slot on iplayer. I admire your confidence, I have done live radio before and I know how intimidating it can be! I wish those twirps with you wouldn’t keep interrupting though!
    Looking forward to hearing more.

  15. It’s such a good feeling to get in the garden this early to tidy and clean up~I hope you have more days like this one. Reading your thoughts about your pond make me want to finally get one. The notion of frogs and toads is exciting ~They are so good for the garden. gail

  16. You are way ahead of me on garden jobs but you have reminded me about tidying the pond – a freezing cold job even when the sun is shining. Time to dig out the long rubber gloves and hand them to the Digger.

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