Butt – its a competition

A couple of weeks ago I promoted a survey being carried out by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust to see how we use our  water butts and to encourage people to use WTthem more effectively.

I have two water butts and I wish I had more since I never have enough water when it is hot and dry and I know that I could collect far more if I could squeeze in more butts.  My problem is that both the downpipes from my roof are on the corner of the house between the side path and windows so there is only room in each place for one butt.  However, I am wondering about getting a couple more butts and putting them in other locations to collect rain water in the garden and this would also save me having to lug the watering can up the garden, which can be hard work given the slope.  My only concern with doing this is that the butts would have to be left uncovered and this means that they are more likely to attract insects laying eggs in them etc.  Also one of my few memories of my grandfather’s house  when I was quite small was of his retriever puppy getting into the open water butt and nearly drowning which was very upsetting at the time.  I will have to ponder it further.

Anyway, the WWT, as part of its month long Festival of Gardening for Wildlife, has come up with a competition to encourage people to think about using water butts better.  So, as part of the campaign, WWT are offering hundreds of pounds worth of gardening vouchers in a competition looking for a) the ‘Best worked butt’ in the UK, which will be judged on a photo (or video) and no more than 50 words and b) those in the ‘I want a great butt’ category pledges from those inspired to install one. There will be £250 gardening vouchers up for grabs for each of the two categories, courtesy of NFU Mutual, sponsors of WWT’s Festival of Gardening.  The competition doesn’t open until the 21st March but you could start preparing your entry now.


The competition will open on 21 March and close on 30 June.

Entrants should email workyourbutt@wwt.org.uk with their name, address and contact telephone number, then complete in 50 words or less, either the sentence “I work my butt well by….” or “If I had one, I would work my butt by…” Entrants should also send supporting photos (of no more than 1mb) showing them and their water butt (or the water collected in it) in action. Alternatively, entrants can enter by uploading a video of them and their water butt in action, and us sending us the link via workyourbutt@wwt.org.uk.

Visit www.wwt.org.uk/gardening for full details of WWT’s Festival of Gardening ‘Work Your Butt’ campaign and the competition. You can also find more useful advice about how to work your butt to the best of its ability.





3 Comments on “Butt – its a competition

  1. We have more water than we know what to do with some times – and have resorted to the water coming off the studio roof going into the large pond.


  2. Could you put a mesh screen or landscape fabric over the barrrels (never heard of ‘butts’ before) and I’ve also heard of putting dish soap or veggie oil in the water for the mosquitoes. I also read where some people have put goldfish in their rain barrels to eat the mosquitoes!!!!

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