End of Month View – March 2011

Another month gone by and I feel as though I have been on fast forward for most of it.  I have been busy utilising as much spare time as I have at weekends on the garden and also to a lesser degree the allotment.    I have been busy planting and it was a relief today that we had some rain as it was beginning to get a bit tedious having to water the new plantings.

The corner border is beginning to fill out and there are more narcissus than I remember planting but isn’t that always the way.  I have added three grasses to the border to add some movement and interest.  I’m not sure which grasses they are since they weren’t labelled at the garden I visited and it appears as though the parent plant was wrongly labelled in the border so I will wait for them to flower and see if I can identify them.  I have also planted out some Campanula Telham Beauty and I hope the blue will work well with the pink of the roses: Handel and another pinky one.  I have also transplanting some white Japanese Anemones to brighten the corner later in the year.  The white Cleome and Corncockles are coming on and will be planted out amongst the grasses in a month or so.  Oh you can’t see the gasses as I have cut them back.

I thought you might like a couple of pictures of parts of the rest of the garden.  It has suddenly put on weight over the last week or so.  The unseasonally high temperatures and dewy nights have prompted a lot of growth.  Unusually for me I am quite pleased with how it looks!  This is the first spring when I have really been able to indulge myself completely in the garden and I think it shows.  I feel quite  chuffed and hopefully the garden will continue to get better and better over the season.  I can’t wait for the bamboos to put on some height along the back fence and for the various shrubs I have planted along the side boundary to fill out.

The pond border is filling out although this is the poorly planted end and needs some work on it – its all too bitty.  I have transplanted lots of snowdrops to the slope behind the pond so hopefully it will look fab next Spring.  Again I need to plant more shrubs etc along the fence line – this is definitely one of the projects for this year.

I said last month I was going to include a view of the allotment each month so there is one above.  You can also read what I have been up to there here

I would love it if you joined in the End of Month view post.  Just do a post on the last day of the month (or nearly the last day!) and post a link in the comment box.  I tend to look at the same part of the garden each month for a year and it helps me be more critical  but it is up to you what you want to do – the more the merrier.

26 Comments on “End of Month View – March 2011

  1. It looks really nice! You can tell that a lot of work went into the planning. The end bit looks like it has loads of potential – I love gardens with different heights in them.

    • its funny how other gardeners wish for different levels in their garden but I havent found one gardener yet with a sloping garden that wouldnt seriously consider swapping it for a flatter one!!

  2. Your garden is starting to look so good. Tulips and poppies and those yellow daffodils. When my daffodils start coming up in the spring Iam always surprised too and think did I plant them there? LOL!

  3. It’s amazing how the garden grows so quickly at this time of year – I’m sure you can hear it, a bit like rhubarb. I agree with Angela – the change in height is interesting, though I’m sure what you say is right. The progress on your allotment is amazing!
    (PS the photo on my Wordless Weds you asked about was Epimedium x warleyense ‘Ellen Wilmott’).

  4. The garden looks really good – and I like the idea of the End of the Month as a regular blog – I shall give it a go!

    I have a wooden fence down one side of my garden – I am waiting for my plants to grow up and hide it as well.

  5. It’s filling out beautifully most Helen. You certainly have been busy planting and transplanting ~ that rain will have been most welcome. I am with you on slopes!

  6. It really is filling in in your garden. Quite a few pretty yellow blooms. I want to join in on end of month view again, but haven’t decided where yet. I guess I could still do the spot I used to do since the tree that was there has since died and been cut down.
    How many of the squares of the allotment are yours? I’m not really that sure how it works, and how big is the area? It will be nice to see it all filling in with lots of yummy food!

  7. Looking good Helen! I can see why you are pleased ~ you have a right to be! I can’t wait until my garden puts on “weight” ~ everything is still pretty sparse here although there are a number of blooms coming on.
    It will be fun to watch your progress with the allotment. Do you do a lot of cooking? I’m guessing you are going to be eating everything you grow, right? Last year I planted yellow squash and tomatoes because that’s all I knew what to do with!!
    Happy Spring too!

  8. I think you have every reason to feel chuffed Helen, your borders are filling out beautifully, and you’ve really taken control of The Slope (it always has capitals in my mind, interesting, yes, but a bit like that Chinese curse at times!). I know it will take time for the shrubs and bamboos to fill out but in a couple of months I’m sure you will see a huge difference. I like the sound of your white cleome and corncockles alongside grasses and roses – that’s going to look beautiful.

  9. Your garden looks lovely Helen. I love the sloped garden and look forward to seeing photos of the bamboos. I have written my EOMV for March despite feeling rotten, because it is important to keep it up http://wp.me/p1jkAI-im

  10. Lots is happening in your garden, Helen, everything is filling out nicely, and you must be thrilled with the A team’s work on the allotment. My slope is filling our too so it may be time for me to concentrate on another area for the EofMR. Thank you for hosting the meme again this month and for posting early which reminded me it was the end of the month. Christina

  11. Very lovely…it really is filling out and I am anxious to see how it looks in mid-summer. Your sloped garden is beautiful – the height gives it so much interest…unfortunately the terrain here is flat as flat can be. Is that a willow in the center?

    I have posted my End of the Month View as well…thank you for hosting again!

  12. Looks good. Glad I found your blog and can participate. I love these little things. I get so many idea’s just by seeing what others have done or did. I posted my End of the Month View. Thanks for hosting and can’t wait to see what is in store next month for us all.

  13. Cleome! You’ve got Cleome! I’ve been trying to get that going for years…

    Thanks for hosting the EOMV – much appreciated. Here’s my
    EOMV too.

  14. Fantastic progress Helen – I’m particularly impressed with your allotment. I love it when the garden starts to fill out: and you’ve got another gardener on a slope here who wouldn’t swap it for anything else either 😀
    My EOMV post is here: thanks for hosting again!

    • glad you like the allotment. I like my slope now that I’m getting a handle on it

  15. Love seeing how your garden is growing Helen – this is such a busy time of year in the garden, and everything seems to change on an almost daily basis. Your “slope” garden is especially lovely. We have had an unseasonably cool spring with constant rain – so it’s interesting to hear that you’ve been watering! Thanks once again for hosting EOMV. My posting is at http://anjacouto.blogspot.com

    • Hi Anne
      Thanks for joining in this month with the end of month view – off to check your post out

  16. Good luck for the RHS Level 2 course, I studied it and found it very comprehensive. Looks like you may have the Japanese anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’ with it’s fabulous white cupped flowers.

    • hi Simon
      I use wordpress for my blog and there is no charge if you use their basic package – easy to use

  17. My post is up too – a bit late I am afraid.
    Your borders are looking good. Amazing how everything suddenly grew in March. The allotment looks ready for action. I love to see a freshly dug vegetable patch at this time of year!

  18. Last minute as usual but my post is up now too. Will try to include the allotment next month as well . It is most beneficial doing this Helen. I wondered how many new hellebores I planted last year and was able to check by looking back on my 2010 EOMV post 🙂

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