Stars of Spring

It’s funny how Spring really creeps up on you and then suddenly you realise it has sprung when your back was turned.

I have had various spring bulbs flowering for some weeks now starting with snowdrops and winter aconites and leading up to the narcissus.  However, this afternoon on returning from the allotment I realised that some of my favourite plants had joined the display.  Not least the Prunus tree I inherited with the house.  I don’t know what type it is but it is always positively burdened with flowers.  Some of the branches overhang my pond and it is just a wonderful display even when the blossoms drop and fill the pond!!

My Erythronium Pagoda has bloomed which I am thrilled about as I unceremoniously dug it up last autumn and moved it to make way for a cycle store (which I still haven’t got around to putting in) when I moved it the corms broke up and I wasn’t sure if I had damaged it but they all seem to have leaves and a couple have flowers which is a real bonus.

Whilst my narcissus display started off with the big trumpet daffodils that were in the garden when we arrived, my real favourites are now opening.  I am particularly fond of the ones my Mum calls jonquils although I don’t think anyone uses this term anymore.  The one above is Cheerfulness and the scent is heavenly.  I have a large case of them in the living room and the smell is quite intoxicating.

My Bergenias are beginning to flower.  I know some people don’t like Bergenias but I think they are good value. The foliage provides a good foil to other plants all year round and depending on the variety you often get autumn colour from the leaves.  As well as this the flowers are an added bonus and really add to the spring time frothiness.

Finally there is my Amelanchier which I bought for a matter of pounds from Woolworths before they closed and is going from strength to strength.  The flowers are just so pretty and the creaminess works very well against the bronze young foliage.

From the house the garden has a sort of pointillist feel to it with lots of tiny flowers in pastels giving an overall sparkling effect – it’s quite magical

16 Comments on “Stars of Spring

  1. I was thinking the same thing today, wow the garden has just exploded with flowers!! Yours is looking AMAZING! what beautiful pics…cheers Julia

  2. I was just thinking today about what you said in your first sentence. I went out today after having snow the last couple of days to see the rain washed away the snow and in the garden, the crocus were open. Like you said… ‘when your back is turned’.

  3. Beautiful spring flowers. I know what you mean, all of a sudden they appear and then mine have died within a week or two.
    (I really miss Woolworths..)

  4. I have a fondness for the trout lilies. They are so delicate looking. I see you mention they have two leaves, not many realize that significance, though I should not have been surprised to hear it from you. Happy Spring.

  5. Lovely flowers. I am coming round to Bergenias – I used to think they are dull, but am beginning to appreciate that they are hard-working and uncomplaining. Your photos show off their pretty flowers, too.

  6. Oh most springy and fresh Helen. I confess that I had to get my dictionary out to look up ‘pointillist’ so I have learned a new word 🙂 An apt choice for what you must be looking out especially when all the growth is rain spangled.

  7. Lovely photos Helen! It’s true how spring creeps up on you and suddenly before you realise it the garden is a flurry of renewed life and activity.

  8. From the pics I can visualize the magic of your spring garden. How profoundly happy – making. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I’m glad your Erythronium Pagoda survived, its lovely; they have such delicate looking flowers. I used to put Amelanchier in lots of clients gardens when I was working in the UK, interestingly here it is in the fruit tree section of plant catalogues for the edible fruits – have you ever tried them. Christina

  10. Hi everyone – glad you like the pics and that it isnt just me that spring has crept up on and surprised.

    Christina – I didnt know you could eat the fruits of Amelanchier, have you ever tried them?

  11. I love your picture of the Erythronium Pagoda which fully shows the reason for the name. I also share your fondness for the Bergenia.

  12. Love the Daffodil/Jonquil Cheerfulness and with a delicious scent, I’m definitely putting this on my list for next Naomi

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