End of Month View – April 2011

They said that March broke records with being the dryest month in something like 50 years but I think that April has been drier.  We only seem to have had a couple of hours of very light rain all month and the plants are really beginning to show the effects.  In March the sun seemed to push them forward but now many of them seem to have stopped in their tracks.  I think it is just too dry and they are conserving energy.  Needless to say this means that not a lot has happened in the End of Month border since my last post.  Many of the plants in the border are young or were moved from other parts of the garden so I have been watering a lot in the evenings to keep them going but it all looks very dry.

However there are one or two little gems that are doing their bit on the border.  Like this Aquilegia canadensis which I grew from seed last year.  It doesn’t really go with the planned pink, blue and creamy white theme I had in mind for the border but as none of the flowers that will fulfill that scheme are flowering yet I think I will leave it be as it works well with a reddy pink flowered Heuchera I have just by it and a creamy white Camassia to the other side.

I love this Camassia, a photo of the whole flower stem just wouldn’t work as only the bottom buds have opened.  It has a soft creaminess about it and was the plant I thought I had bought for the slope but they turned out to be more blue Camassias!

As everything is all over the place with the weather I still have some Narcissus in flower, I think these might be Tete a Tete which I had in a pot last Spring.

There is no End of Month Allotment shot this month as there is nothing much to see.  I have sown seeds and planted out peas and broad beans and 1 row of potatoes are just coming up but a shot of the plot will just look like a load of bare earth with some canes in.  When there is something more substantial to show I will do a post.

In the meantime I have been working hard on a new border at home and spent today lifting turf.  This is normally a hard job but since my ‘turf’ is mainly moss and there are lots of tree roots in the soil it lifted fairly easily.  I think I am happy with the shape but had dithered around so much that today I just decided to go for it and see what happened.  I now have to wait for some serious rain as there is no chance of me being able to properly dig the border over until there is since being predominantly clay it is pretty hard at the moment. I have to say though from the angel in the photo the shape doesn’t look quite right but I think that is due to the slope – it looks right from upstairs!!!!!

Please feel free to join in the End of Month meme.  Use it however you like – some people focus on one bit of their garden, others just show whatever is looking good.  If you join in please post a link in the comment box so I know who you are!!


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  1. Christina says:

    We haven’t had any rain much this month either so the tulips finished quite quickly as it was hot; now it is like early summer with the roses and alliums beginning so I enjoyed your spring flowers very much. Regarding your lawn and the new bed, I don’t want to sound the heavy designer but you should concentrate on the shape of the lawn (and make that pleasing) rather than the shape of the bed. Its all to do with void spaces. Its the reason the circular, square and rectangular shapes work for lawns and wavy edges often just look messy.

  2. This drought is getting ridiculous, isn’t it! I love your aquilegia, really pretty. I put a few new plants in the pond border early in April, and am keeping a close eye, but the rest will just have to wait until we get some of the wet stuff. Like you say, even established plants are struggling. My EOMV post is up – thanks for hosting again.

  3. joey says:

    And where did April go? A lovely sharing. We on the other hand, have had more than our share of rain and a very late spring, about 2 weeks behind. Happy May 🙂

  4. Anne says:

    We have the opposite problem – unseasonably cold and way too much rain! Spring weather seems to be very mixed up right now. Your new border shows great promise. Like the idea of waiting a bit to see how it looks – rather than plowing straight in and digging, although the hard clay soil provides another excellent reason for doing that! Lovely camassia photo.

  5. James A-S says:

    I have a horrible suspicion that all the rain is being saved up for Malvern.
    Bring wellies.

  6. ronniejt28 says:

    I love following the progress of your garden Helen. Thank you for your meme it is an excellent way of keeping track of what is happening. Also, I have taken your point from a previous post and keep a note book too.

    Well done. My EMOV is now posted http://wp.me/p1jkAI-ob. Roll on the rain!

  7. Alison says:

    Its looking really good and the new border is very exciting. I love creating new borders but must admit weeding them of lawn weeds can be a real pain. My EoMV is here http://ozhene.blogspot.com/

  8. Hi Helen – My first time joining your Month End meme – and unfortunately I don’t have much to show as we are at the end of Autumn here in South Africa. But I’ve enjoyed living vicariously by admiring yours!

    My End of Month post is at http://www.thegardeningblog.co.za/gardening/end-of-month-blooms-or-non-blooms/ – Thanks for hosting!

  9. You have a lot happening in your home garden despite the lack of rain. Your new border looks like it will be quite nice when you get it planted. You really have been busy. It seems like only yesterday the March snows were here, and I wonder if April will fly by too. I am joining your End of the Month for the first time. Six months of very little and not the bulbs are blooming. http://gardenwalkgardentalk.com/

  10. Anna says:

    The dry weather is certainly affecting the growth of some plants ~ hopefully the situation will be rectified sooner or later. I like the colour of your camassia – most restful on the eye . Good luck with the preparations for the new border. Tried to take some photos yesterday for EOMV but nothing would stand still in the wind 🙂 Might have better luck later today.

  11. kate says:

    Love that aquilegia – what a beauty… sigh.

    My EOMV post is up too – and I wonder if you fancy any fluffy baby-pink aquilegias to go with your elegant lovely. No? Shame – I have about five million I am quite keen to get rid of…

    Thanks for hosting this!

  12. Hello Helen, let us hope that we have a month of showers in May instead of April..love the aquilegia….

  13. Patsi says:

    Love the Aquilegia canadensis …sure is different.
    Here in NJ temps and rain fall have been perfect this past month.
    Hope you get showers soon.

  14. Anne says:

    One day late but got it done! My EOMV post can be found at http://anjacouto.blogspot.com. Thanks once again for hosting, Helen.

  15. gardeningasylum says:

    That aquilegia is stunning – all the nicer that you raised it from seed! Here we’re quite well supplied with rain, but temps are still in the 40’s F at night, delaying the needed soil warmup.

  16. Hanni says:

    I’d be very happy to mail you over some of the rain we have been getting here. Congrats on getting your new bed started…that is always such a joyful feeling!
    Looking forward to seeing your allotment next month, too…

    I nearly forgot about EOMV, but remembered in the nick of time! End of Month View: April 11

  17. easygardener says:

    Sorry I am late with my post. Too much gardening and no energy to write about it 🙂
    I think that is the same Camassia I’ve got – beautiful isn’t it. Love the Aquilegia too and have made a note of it. Good luck with your new border. Every garden needs a new project otherwise everything gets a bit stale.

  18. Love the Aquilegia canadensis – I am trying to grow this from seed – but not much luck so far.

    Like easygardener I am late with my post – and like easygardener it is because I have had too much gardening and not enough energy left to write about it! But my post is now up. I am looking forward to seeing your garden in the “flesh” or should that be in the leaf

  19. I like to be nosey around other people’s gardens so your EOMV is brilliant! I love the little splashes of colour in your garden but, like you, love the early warmth but would like some rain, please! Am inspired to join the EOMV – great way to keep track of things – and have (belatedly) posted a somewhat wordy update … http://urbanvegpatch.blogspot.com/2011/05/april-roundup-update-2.html

  20. Anna says:

    Rather late in the day but have posted my EOMV ~ the weather thwarted me. A change of scenery this time 🙂

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