GBBD June 2011 – my highlights

I am quite taken with these Allium christophii more so this year than any other.  I have had these for probably at least 4 years and they have been OK but last Autumn I moved some Sisyrinchium into this border.  They have proved to be an unexpectedly good combination so much so that I am planning to add more Allium and Sisyrinchium to this border.  Also in the border which I think adds to the overall effect is golden Oregano and Trifolium.  I am actually quite pleased with the display in the front garden

In the back garden the main display is from Delphinium and Geraniums.  I am growing fonder and fonder of the Delphinium especially as I grew all of them from seed and it took a couple of goes before I got successful germination and then when I did another couple of goes until the seedlings survived the winter.

As with the Delphinium,  I have grown all the Geraniums from seed over the last few years.  Most of them have come from one packet of mixed seed so I have no idea what varieties they are but this doesn’t bother me.  I would rather have a selection than lots and lots of the same ones. The Aquilegia McKana hybrids are still flowering their socks off a good few weeks after the others finished flowering.  I love these flowers they are just so elegant.  I have been carefully removing all the seed heads of the other Aquilegia but will leave seed heads of the McKana ones in the hope of increasing the population.

There are also lupins, geums, foxgloves and roses in flower but I thought I would focus on my favourite flowers this month.  However there is one flower I really can’t decide whether I like or not.

Yes its a Thalictrum.  I think it is Thalictrum flavum.  Again I have grown these from seed but I’m not sure they are working in the garden.  The majority of them are on the slope and they are at least 6ft tall completely out of proportion to everything around them plus they are leaning dramatically so if they are to stay in the garden they will  have to be relocated.  Also I am struggling with the shade of yellow which is quite acidic.  If you look at the photo below they work quite  well with the Delphinium but not with the Cirsium as well or maybe they do – I like good  contrasts of colour but I can’t decide if this is too much of a contrast.

So that is what I consider to be the highlights of the garden in June this year.

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22 Comments on “GBBD June 2011 – my highlights

  1. Seriously impressed with your Delphiniums! Am not showing you a picture of the feeble specimens in my front garden – I just planted and forgot them!

  2. I love delphinium and you have quite a number of them. Mine are not quite in bloom yet, another week at least to have a show like yours. I too seeded some of mine. They are the shorter ones not yet blooming. I like lupin, but it does not do well here.I like your last image, what a stunner.

  3. Beautiful colours! I am especially impressed with your delphiniums. I attempted to grow some from seed this year – but so far, germination has been dismall. Also, love your geranium selection and the thalictrum (not at all familiar with that one!) – unusual colour, although the texture is absolurely gorgeous. Hope it finds a place to stay in your garden.

  4. Delphiniums need to be warmer than most seeds to germinate – 22 degrees plus, and constantly moist. The usual reason for poor germination is simply that they have been too cold, or dried out.
    I think it is Thalictrum flavum – it’s a bit of a thug, and will seed around enthusiastically, so unless you love it (and you obviously don’t!) I’d bin ’em quick!

  5. Beautiful delphiniums, they are on my “to grow” list, must remember that they will need nurturing to germinate and survive. Your geraniums are very pretty. The thalictrum… hmm no I can’t quite bring myself to love it, particularly not in close up, yet it does add something to your last picture.

  6. Helen I love your blue garden, I love blue but seem to have ended up with a lot of pink in my garden, your delphiniums are to die for, they don’t stand up to the wind here so lupin is my alternative, though I did recently see and buy a dwarf delphinium in hope, I like the allium and geraniums very much too, I never have success with seed so really admire your seed grown plants, your garden must be looking very beautiful, Frances

  7. Beautiful Delphiniums, Helen, they are truely elegant and I’m inspired by your geraniums, I will have to try some from seed too. I’ll try collecting the fresh seed from those I have already (only two kinds) then if I’m as successful as you I’ll buy some seed. Thanks for sharing your favourites today. Christina

  8. I planted only Aquilegia ‘McKenna’s hybrids’ I’d grown from seed (which were all the kind you show here), but a few seasons on I now have a mixture of those, plus the usual muddy pink and blue ordinary kind. I suspect they don’t come true from seed, so you may have to do some editing later with yours. I’ll be interested to see how you get on.

    Re the Cirsium, Delphinium, Thalictrum – any combination of two of them look good to me, but the three of them together aren’t so hot.

  9. Beautiful pictures.I love delphiniums But find them difficult to grow & if they do grow they then get eaten right in the middle of the stem & fall over! 😦


  10. Helen , Your delphiniums and aqueligias are stunning. Are you sure that foxgloves aren’t amongst your favourites ?

    • Yes I love foxgloves too but they havent been very good this year due to the dry spring we had

  11. That Allium is wonderful – I don’t seem to be able to grow them well, and I miss them sorely. It’s lovely to be reminded of how wonderful they are! Hardy Geranium No 3 is pretty fab, too… well, they all are.

  12. Lovely delphinium blooms… I was forced into starting fresh with delphiniums this season, as the old ones died out last year… ordered seeds from New Zealand and a few germinated. I have the allium Christofii for the first time this season… impressive! Thanks for the visit to your garden… Larry

  13. great idea to pair Allium with Sisyrinchium…! do they happen to bloom at the same time or does your blue-eyed grass flower first? i personally like the Thalicthrum with the Delphinium, but agree with you that the Cirsium is a little too much in that color combo.

  14. Beautiful post…I love that you grew things from seed…I agree, that natural variation ads a spontaneity to gardens that is so often missing these days…love it!

  15. I am so impressed that you grow so many of your perennials from seed. That third geranium from the top is definitely G. pratense ‘Splish Splash.’ I find it’s varied combinations of white and violet both whimsical and charming.

  16. We want your delphs! Too shady in my garden, but I do love them. Now I’m someone who believes that you can make any colour combination work… all you need is the right moderator. Perhaps some of those new ‘Banana Cream’ shasta daisies, for instance, to pick up the yellow in the thalictrums, but warm it sufficiently to harmonize more with both the blue and burgundy. Different floral form, too. Happy Blooms Day, Helen!

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