The Table of Delights – Mid Summer 2011

The Table of Delights is an arid place at the moment and somewhat neglected. I made a conscious decision this year not to have lots of summer bedding in order to avoid lots of watering and I am really pleased that I made that decision given the dry weather we have had more or less since April.

The only occupant of the Table of Delights is an Agave which I got at a plant swap at Cottesbrooke Plant Fair last year.  I think it works well in the blue glazed pot.  I did go to get the label to tell you which Agave it was but the name has vanished so if anyone knows the name of this Agave please let me know.

I realised when taking this photo that the table and chairs are overdue for a freshen up and the patio needs a serious weed in this area.

I might do a bit of a swap around and replace the  Agave with one of my many pots of Aeoniums and Echiveras the trouble is I can’t decide which one so now doubt  the Agave will stay put for a while.

I’m wondering what to put on the table for Autumn – maybe a pot of Colchicums we will have to see


9 Comments on “The Table of Delights – Mid Summer 2011

  1. Why do the weeds in patios grow so fast? I only weeded mine a couple of weeks ago, and they are back again. Haven’t got a clue what the Agave is, but it looks good in that rather stunning pot.

  2. Mystery over Rob says “The Agave is A.americana ‘Marginata’, not to be confused with ‘Variegata’..” – thanks Rob

  3. That pot is a great colour! I’ve just found your blog and thought I’d say Hi. I was in the UK in June and the weather was fantastic for a tourist, but everyone was saying how terribly dry the last few months had been. As an Australian, the gardens looked very green and lush to me, even so. It’s all relative, isn’t it? I hope you get some good rain this month.

  4. A definite example of ‘Less is more” and your blue pot sets the agave off to perfection.

  5. You have reminded me that my table and chairs need a freshen up too – they seem to be used as a resting place for cats and garden tools.

    I’ve spent a load of time digging weeds out from between my patio slabs this year too! And then the minute my back is turned a new lot have grown.

  6. I think the agave in the blue pot looks great. Maybe just add a pot of Aeonium and Echivera to create a trio.

  7. Weeds between the patio slabs are a constant work, I am frequently out there with my trusty kitchen knife digging them out.

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