GBBD Post – August 2011

What a thrill just in time for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day my passion-flower has flowered.  This variety is Passionflower Perfumed Passion and I can confirm that it certainly does have a good perfume.  This is a tender plant and is in the greenhouse but there is quite a bit in flower in the garden.

I have three Echinacea now and they seem to do alright on the slope border.  In fact the slope is becoming more of the ‘daisy’ border and I think as part of the big autumn makeover I will actively build on this and move more daisy type flowers to the slope.  They seem to do particularly well, especially asters, as they have to ability to move with the wind which does wipe along the top of the garden.  I have grasses intermingled with them and it is beginning to look good

I bought this Heliopsis helianthoides ‘Summer Nights’ at RHS Tatton Flower Show last month and I am really pleased with it.  I love the contrast between the bright yellow flower and the red stems and purple red foliage.

I bought this Coreopsis to fill a gap at the front of the border.  It is a beautiful plant and very popular with the bee population.  I need to check on how hardy it might be and whether I need to protect it over the winter

My Anglica giga is looking stunning.  I am annoyed that I didn’t remember to sow seed for next year’s plants back in the spring so I have made a note in the now trustee garden notebook to remember to sow them next spring.

More daisy flowers, this time a Rudbeckia.  I don’t remember planting this but I have two of these plants and they are quite impressive growing over 5ft tall but I will have to move them as they are both in the wrong place.  The one above is right in front of my Lobelia Tupa clump which is not a great combination.

Leucanthemum Broadway Lights is going strong.  This one won’t be moving to the Daisy/Slope border as it is a stiffer plant and I think it will be better as late summer interest in the newly planned Cottage Garden/early summer border.  I wonder if I will have carried out all these plans this time next year!!

Just to prove that I have non daisy type flowers in my garden here is Scabiosa Burgundy Bonnets.  Another very popular insect plant.

Those are some of my August highlights.  I have had a look back at last August’s GBBD post and whilst some of the plants are the same, the photos show that the borders are much fuller this year than last.  I have been looking at the garden and thinking it looked awful but actually having looked back it isn’t as bad as I thought but I will still be carrying out my plans.

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14 Comments on “GBBD Post – August 2011

  1. Looking lovely. I always forget daisies, but seeing these I must try harder to include them – just love their simple beauty.

  2. Happy GBBD, Helen. I love the passion flower in the first shot. At Garden Walk Buffalo a gardener had huge vines of them on her garage. I did not know they would live around here, even for the summer.

  3. I’m with Janet – your heliopsis is just gorgeous! I’m drawing lots of inspiration from your photos for my own plans to introduce a flower border into the communal gardens here for next year.

  4. Fabulous photos Helen! I love your daisy garden, I have tried growing Leucanthemum several times but they dont seem to like my garden. The first one I bought was from Aberglasny and I was so sad when it just “disappeared”. Also the passionflower is a wonderful colour.

  5. How can I not be wooed by that passion flower? WOW! Love that coreopsis, too – almost resembles a helenium. I have summer nights as well and it does please me very much so, but it does like to pull surprises and pop up all around the garden. Beautiful gardens!

  6. I used to have no daisy flowers in my garden and a sad lack of colour come mid August onwards. Suddenly the penny dropped and I realised what the garden had been missing.
    I like your Passion flower – they are so exotic and unreal!

  7. When I first looked at your post I thought your passion flower was outside! In close-up passion flowers are incredibly intricate. And it’s in soft shades. Outside there is so much in flower in your garden, Helen, a real crescendo towards the end of the season.

  8. That passion flower is lovely, I keep meaning to buy one of the ordinary ones to add to the plants growing over the pergola. The Coreopsis is I think a little tender, it survived the cold last winter in my garden but it was dry, if the winter is wet and cold it will need some protection. I love all your daisy flowers, I think you’re right that they would look great all planted together with some grasses. Christina

  9. Wow mutantly tall rudbeckia. The passion flower is very pretty, and I like the zing of the heliopsis, and the marvellous angelica. My seed hasn’t germinated yet, but fingers crossed it will when things cool down in the next few months.

  10. Beautiful post…so many great blooms…I’m also a big fan of the “daisy-type” flowers. I can’t imagine a garden without Coneflowers and Black-Eyed Susans!

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