Wordless Wednesday 26/10/11 – Salvia Blue Angel


16 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday 26/10/11 – Salvia Blue Angel

  1. Helen & Hillwards – it sure is a vivid blue. I had forgotten that I had planted it and noticed a splash of bright blue up the garden so had to investigate. Was thrilled when I found it was this salvia!

  2. I always hear of the black and blue salvia, but usually not this one. Very vibrant. I bet it attracts bees as well as gardeners!

  3. What a gorgeous flower. i can see why they call it Blue Angel. I love the color and the winged look of the blooms. I have never seen this…it may have to be found for my garden…..

    • Donna – it really is a striking blue I can see it from quite a way off

    • Elaine – the slugs could have eaten mine as I had forgotten I had the plant, luckily they didnt!!

  4. Salvias are the most difficult thing to photograph, I have several in my garden but they aren’t often included in my images because they are out of focus; yours is perfect, well done, what’s your secret? Christina

    • Christine – I have no secret, you cant see all the other photos I took of the same plant. How I love digital photography!

  5. Hi Helen, all the lovely photos of Salvia I see on my favourite gardening blog friends sites finally got me to buy two today. The colour is not at gorgeous as your blue angels, but it’s a start 🙂

  6. What a beautiful colour. It is a pity many Salvias flower so late in the year – frost always seems to cut their display short.

  7. Glorious, glorious blue ~ is that the one you acquired when you visited Karen? On my seed list for next year.

  8. Hi Helen. I love Wordless Wednesdays but I especially love this photo of your obvious happy Salvia. It bluish purple, purplish blue is stunning.

    I’ve got a couple of them in my backyard but their colors are not quite as vivid.

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