GBBD – January 2012

Looking back I didn’t bother to do a Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post last year which I am assuming is because we had so much snow for so many weeks that I was quite disengaged with the garden and there probably wasn’t anything to show anyway.

How different it is 12 months later.  Today I spotted my first snowdrops almost in flower.   There has been lots on twitter and the blogasphere about snowdrops opening early and I was beginning to wonder if mine were going to flower but I needn’t have worried here they are on time, even a little early.  There aren’t as many showing as I would expect but I did move a lot of snowdrops last spring so I am hoping they are just delayed a little.

The winter jasmine is still flowering its socks off.  I am really pleased as it had a very thorough prune in the summer and is probably only a third of its former self but I think there are more flowers in relation to stems than there was before.

This Vinca (major I think) creeps under the fence from next door.  It is a very welcome addition at this time of year and I have learnt that the flowers appear on the new shoots not the long sinuous ones so I am trying to cut it back to have more young fresh green growth and flowers.

The primulas are starting to flowering.  I love primulas and will be adding to them this year.  Also hoping they might become one of the key plants in my planned online shop if I get my act together.

A pretty Primula denticulata already flowering.  I grew these from seed a few years back and they are bulking up nicely now.  Maybe they will be bulky enough for me to divide soon.

The Cyclamen hederifolium is still flowering – its been flowering for a couple of months now.  When the flowers first appeared there were no leaves but now the leaves are appearing and I think they are lovely, such a nice shape and a welcome change the rounded indoor cyclamen leaves.  As I bought this as a large corm I have never seen it in leaf so this is quite exciting – well sort off.  Also I like the way the plant has decided to grow through the branches that edge the bed – I couldn’t have done better if I had tried.

Just as I was pleased to see the first snowdrops appear I was equally thrilled to smell the flowers of the Sarcococca confusa (Sweet Box).  At first I wasn’t sure where the smell was coming from especially as it was dark at the time.  But this morning my suspicions were confirmed and it was the Sarcococca.  I have had the plant a couple of years and like so many plants in my garden it was very small, and therefore cheap, when I bought it.  This is the first year it has had more than a handful of flowers and therefore scent.  It has put on so much growth in the last year that I have cut a small bunch of stems and the flowers are making the living room quite heady with their scent.Finally there are Hellebores nearly ready to flower – as you can see it has been pretty frosty.  Hopefully next month’s GBBD post will have lots of Hellebores featured.

Also lurking in the garden but beginning to go over are flowers of Mahonia, Abelia and Ceanothus.

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23 Comments on “GBBD – January 2012

  1. Happy New Year Helen, your garden looks more like spring than winter, how lovely. I love the way winter flowering shrubs usually have such wonderful perfume, even if the flowers are so small you have to search for them. Christina

  2. Hi again, I forgot to say, the Lonicera is a shrub honeysuckle not a climber – its not very lovely is summer, a big green bush but you could grow a clematis over it! Christina

  3. Best to enjoy colour from next doors’ vinca Helen than constantly curse your own. Looking at the leaves your Cyclamen hederifolium I think that I may have one too but can’t remember how it got there. It was in flower before Christmas. The sweet box packs a real punch scent wise doesn’t it and so cheering to see the snowdrops push through the earth 🙂

  4. Helen what wonderful blooms…it would be a scary time if I were to ever have blooms in January. Late Feb we have had crocus once. Two feet of snow now on the ground and -6 temps. I will live vicariously through your blooms.

  5. Lovely photos, particularly the Vinca, but I agree with Anna … Vinca was one of the thug plants that I had to haul out of the walled borders before any veg could be planted. Beautiful tiny flowers but best kept in it’s own space. My primulas have flowered all the way through from October but are looking rather shocked this weekend at the sudden frost!

  6. Things are early this year in my garden here too, but then we have other things that seem to be coming along slower. An odd year, but I’m glad to see that you’ve got some midwinter colors. Happy Bloomday!

  7. Very pretty. I think you have more blooms in the garden than I do. All these blooms – I’m itching for spring. I hope winter stays away! Happy GBBD!

  8. Denticulata in flower? I’ve got loads of them but none anywhere near flowering. Feeling peeved. But my sweet box has flowered for the first time – the scent is incredible, isn’t it?


  9. Isn’t nature marvellous that we can have flowers all year round. Like Donna above, I particularly like the frosty hellebore. I can recall the wonderful perfume of the sweet box, how lucky to have it on your own garden.

  10. I’ve enjoyed my visit today. I too love primula and have been searching the internet for doubles (vulgaris preferably). These don’t appear to be very easy to locate… Larry

  11. Hi Helen

    What lovely photos. On a bright but very frosty morning here they bring a smile to the face. Thanks
    Mary x

  12. What a fab January showing for GBBD. Sweet Box is tempting me, but then I remember I do not have humus rich, fertile, moist, well-drained soil! I will imagine the sweet scent instead. gail

  13. You have so much blooming in your winter garden. Just lovely! I really enjoy primroses and have a few but need to add to mine. Really love that denticulata.

  14. Everything looks like spring! Thanks for the pruning tip on Vinca; I had not learnt that yet.

    I just read in Beth Chatto’s book, Plant Portraits, about making 2-inch root cuttings of Primula denticulata when it is flower to increase your stock. They are so pretty, I hope you have success with them.

    Lovely GBBD! Glad I stopped by to enjoy your flowers since it is so snowy and cold here in Pennsylvania.

  15. I love your cyclamen. One of my favourite plants (of course this list changes through the year, one of my favourite plants just now I should probably say). I am growing sarcococca successfully here so I think it might be quite forgiving!

  16. Lots of interest still in your garden in the quietest month. I have two tiny sarcococca plants also, I look forward to their scent in a few years when they are a little more established!

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