Opps! More Hellebores

One of the most frustrating things at this time of year is that I only get the weekends to garden as it’s too dark when I get home from work during the week.  So when the weekend is wet and cold like this weekend I find myself pacing around and staring out the window trying to convince myself that I really do want to garden in the pouring rain.

Just to add to my frustration today I have mysteriously hurt my left hand.  I have no idea how, it just started to hurt whenever I moved my thumb which makes it tricky to lift or hold anything with any weight.  So what to do?  Well I had a quick walk around the garden before the rain got too heavy.  It was nice to see a Helleborus niger (Christmas rose) in flower although a bit late for Christmas.  I have to say that I’m not that keen on these plants as the flower stems seem to be quite lax meaning the flower droops down to the ground even more than you would expect from a Hellebore. I much prefer Hellebores  with a more upright habit even if the flowers do hang down.  My favourite at the moment is the yellow/red one in the top photograph.  I am pleased to see it flowering since I unceremoniously moved the plant at the end of last Spring and then I read that Hellebores didn’t respond well to being moved.  It seems that as with many gardening ‘rules’ its not really the case.

But a walk round the garden was not sufficient to alleviate my fidgety need to be outside so the next idea was a trip to the local nursery.  I frequently seem to visit nurseries and garden centres in the rain as if the weather is Ok I’m gardening – another downside of working full-time I suppose.  I did visit this nursery last weekend when it was 2C and icy underfoot.  My reason was that I want a tree for the back garden and I have been thinking about it quite a bit over the winter and had drawn up a shortlist of possibilities.  So why not on a cold crisp day have a look to see if my local nursery had any of the trees on my wish list.  Sure enough they did and I came away with a shorter shortlist.

So this morning I went to buy my tree as an early birthday present to myself.  Of course no self-respecting gardener comes away from a nursery with just one plant and I found myself with a Cotinus and two Hellebores (above and below).  The Cotinus wasn’t an impulse buy as I had planned to get one for a specific corner which can get a little dry and where I needed a dark leaf to offset the surrounding plants.  However, the hellebores were definitely an impulse  buy.  They aren’t named varieties which is fine by me, I just liked the flowers.  I now need to decide where to put them.  I have a couple of ideas but being forgetful I am going to wait to see if there are actually dormant perennials in the gaps I have identified before digging  up something accidentally again!


11 Comments on “Opps! More Hellebores

  1. Get well soon! Hopefully you find that the hellebores are just the antidote you need.

    I like the leaves on that last one. Just waiting on my ericsmithii hellebores to bulk up so they knit together a bit. The flowers started to open up this week though – very cheering. Love this time of year.

  2. I have given up on the garden for today. Did get a couple of hours in the tunnel. Cleaning up beds and spreading compost. The wind and hail have driven me indoors now though.

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fabulous year!
    I could not have left those Hellebores either.
    And, YES, visiting Garden Centers in the rain DOES count as gardening.

  4. Happy Birthday! And I hope your hand gets better just as fast as it mysteriously started hurting. I love your red and yellow hellebore, but your new two are pretty, too.

  5. Hope that your hand recovers quickly from whatever the problem is Helen. No doubt some plant retail therapy soothed it. I like your new hellebores. I got out briefly this afternoon and within ten minutes hail was bouncing down on my head so I made a hasty retreat. Take care.

  6. Lovely markings on your hellebores. I moved some a couple of years ago and didn’t really notice much difference to growth and flowering the following year. I break rules often but nobody knows except me…most of the time!

  7. Sorry about your hand Helen – and how could you possibly come away with just the plants on your list!! Lovely new hellebores, and I know exactly what you mean about worrying whether there are dormant perennials where you plan to plant them. I am having that problem with working out where to plant my primroses…

  8. You hellebore’s are so beautiful. I had my first one to bloom now and I have become a fan of them. The days are getting a little longer now thank heavens. Hope your wrist gets better, Have a wonderful week.

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