I have been tardy in updating on the success of the Sproutapouch, hence the poor photograph for which I apologise.

As you can see the seeds have really sprouted.  In fact I think it was day 5 that I came home to discover a bag of green leaves.  They are a little leggy now and have probably got too tall.

The seeds I chose were Rocket and the idea behind microleaves is that the flavour is intensified in the small seed leaves however I have to beg to differ in this case.  I have found these leaves quite bland compared to the rocket I would grow in the garden, although I don’t know exactly what that the seed was compared to what I grow in the garden.

My other criticism of this form of salad leaf growing is that unlike cut and come again salad leaves once the micro leaves have been picked that’s it.  If you remove the seed leaves then the plant has no way of producing more leaves.  The cost of this packet is high, in my opinion, compared to the cost of a bag  of salad leaves which is greater in volume.

I know I could just buy a packet of seeds and get lots of micro leaves but I have to confess that they aren’t my preference but it has been an interesting experiment.