End of Month View – February 2012

February ended better than it started.  The weather has warmed up, in fact its unseasonably warm.  It hasn’t really been warm enough and for long enough to really give the plants, including the weeds, too much of a boost so I have a chance to attempt to get on top of some of the jobs that desperately need to be done.

The Spring/Patio border (above) isn’t as good as it has been in the past.  The bike store has reduced this bed and when we installed it I really thinned out the spring bulbs and spread them around the garden.  With time it will fill out again.

The other end of the border, adjacent to the greenhouse, is really atrocious.  I don’t remember it being this bare in the past and I know there are loads of plants in here which haven’t started to emerge.  I suspect that with the border reduced by a third it has shown up the bareness of the far end. I need to add something for this time of year. I thought about hellebores as Carolyn of Carolyn’s Shade Gardens suggested last month but I don’t need large foliage plants due to the other plants I know are lurking.  I think extending the spring bulbs might be a good idea, maybe some more snowdrops but also some scilla or some other small bulbs.  Which gives me an excuse to buy some more bulbs come next Autumn – hoorah.

The Cottage Garden border is beginning  to have some interest.  The tulips that I planted are appearing and I can begin to see whether I have planted them too sparsely or not.  This is a bit of an experiment and builds on my previous approach of planting new tulip bulbs in pots and then sticking them randomly in borders the following year.  I have decided that I prefer tulips in border than in pots so this Autumn I bought bulbs specifically for the Cottage Garden border.  I can’t wait to see what they look like, whether the varieties I have chosen look as wonderful as they did in my imagination back last Autumn.   The perennials are beginning to show themselves and I can start to see the gaps that need filling.  I am watching this border to see how my mass plant moving exercise last Autumn develops and to see how I can improve it. I am also thinking about sowing lots of Forget Me Nots in this border for next Spring as I think that will kick-start the cottagey feel and work well with the tulips.

Hopefully next month there will be lots more to see in the End of Month post.

I find watching different parts of the garden through a year helps me to see the border properly and I can identify better what needs to be done to improve things.  If you would like to join in the meme you are very welcome, there are no rules, use it however you want and post a link to your post in the comment box on the last day of the month.


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  1. Bridget Foy says:

    I always plant bulbs in pots, then if I see a vacant space I have something to go there. It’s nice too see plants emerging from their hibernation.

  2. Sometimes planting tulips in pots can be a hit or a miss for me. Last year some of them got diseased. This year I notice there are some obvious gaps in the larger pots. Tulips always look great in a border and having sandier soil in this garden I may try that next time.

    My end of Month review is at the following link:

  3. islandthreads says:

    hello Helen, to me your spring border has lots of lovely snowdrops in bloom which to me is a lot, I’m amazed you have daffodils in flower, here the wet and warm is making only the grass grow and take back over,

    mine is more a year view as there has been no opportunity to do anything in the Alder garden, here’s my link,

    thanks, Frances

  4. hillwards says:

    Your cottage garden border is going to be splendid.
    We had pots of tulips last year, with little garden to plant them into. I planted these into our new borders, and the bulbs I bought this year I split between borders and pots. With our heavy clay soil, I suspect that we’ll need to keep planting container-grown tulips each year and any that survive in the borders will be a bonus.
    My end of month review is up: http://hillwards.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/february-review/

  5. Christina says:

    I love tulips in pots and in the borders, this year all my bulbs will be at least in their second year as I didn’t plant any in autumn 2011. My light free draining soil with dry hot summers mean that tulips usually repeat for several years.You have lots emerging so soon your borders will fill up. Christina
    Here’s the link to my end of month view: http://myhesperidesgarden.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/2012-02-29-end-of-month-view-pruning-and-new-life/

  6. John says:

    Think it’s a great idea that you prefer tulips in border than in pots so this Autumn you bought bulbs specifically for the Cottage Garden border. I love tulips too. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful Cottage Garden Border. 🙂

  7. kate says:

    I love your snowdrops – they look so elegant. And fancy having an excuse to buy more bulbs, and a real one (unlike mine, which are usually invented). Hmm – scillas….

    MY EOMV post is here: http://beangenie.wordpress.com/ – thanks for hosting!

  8. Helen I love your meme and those snowdrops….I cannot wait to see my scilla and grape hyacinths this spring and the thought of forget-me-nots with tulips sounds lovely. I also love to gaze at the bare winter landscape and watch each section to see what needs to be improved so by autumn I have plans to make changes….now what will spring hold and what will those changes look like we shall see. Here is my bit about what is happening in the garden (more snow actually)


  9. Walking around the garden over the last few weeks, I see the weeds scattered about. It will be time to get out there and do some weeding. I don’t ever remember things warming up this quickly. Your daffodils look lovely. They really stand out. Thanks for hosting.


  10. Alison says:

    Your garden is looking really good and your daffs are so much closer to flowering than mine are. Really interesting to see how it is developing. My EoMR is here http://ozhene.blogspot.com/2012/03/end-of-month-review-february.html

  11. Your Spring border is looking good Helen and your daffs are way ahead of the ones in my back garden – no sign of any buds yet. Because of the snails loving to chomp at the tulips I have given up putting them in the flower beds and use pots with copper tape around the edge.

    Right then, I’ve got my butt into gear and having not written an EOMV for what feels like months, I am back in the saddle! http://hurtlingtowards60.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/end-of-month-view-for-february-2012-a-year-on/

  12. Happy Birthday Helen, I hope you have a lovely day, Frances

  13. Snowdrops are lovely, lovely, lovely! As for tulips, I plant them in containers because squirrels dig them out! All the best to your spring garden, Helen!

  14. I have just done my EOM view Helen – and in it I also decided that spring bulbs were on the shopping list for Autumn 😉

    I am looking forward to seeing how the tulips work in your cottage garden border – it is so lovely to se them poking up and it wont be long now before the flowers appear ….. happy days!

  15. Lyn says:

    Your Cottage Garden Border should be lovely next month with all those tulips! Here is my End of Month View:

  16. Oh gosh! I’m going to have to play this game too … now I’m replanting The Mound (not so much a border as a heap in need of loving care) I really need to think about how it’s going to work through the seasons. I shall be back next month with a photo!

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