As dusk falls over my garden the daffodils and primroses are the last flowers to disappear into the gloom.Yellow is one of those colours synonymous with spring.  I have often wondered why so many spring flowers are yellow and I think it is to attract the bees and other pollinators.  It is certainly a cheery colour.  I have daffodils popping up all around the garden.  The large trumpet daffs that I inherited with the property are almost past their best and now the smaller varieties that I have added are coming into their own.  I think the ones above are Tete a Tete planted a couple of years ago in the woodland border.  I am trying much harder to label or learn plant names.

My early primroses have been flowering for a couple of weeks now.  This year unusually they have kept their flowers.  In previous years I have watched as birds have carefully removed the flower heads for no apparent reason.  Now we have a cat this is no longer a problem!

I love this little Epimedium (variety unknown).  It is the ultimate dainty flower.  I have recently discovered that there are lots of new introductions from Japan with wonderful pink and yellow flowers so I think I will be seeking a few more out.

The scent of hyacinths is quite powerful, maybe too strong for the house but wonderful in the garden on a sunny Spring day.  This is the first year for some time that I haven’t had any forced for indoors which I have then planted out in the borders.  Whilst, I  do like these plants I think my taste is moving towards  more dainty Spring flowers.

I do like these muscari althougth the leaves can be a bit leggy and annoying.  I am also not to sure about the Christmas Roses which are only just flowering.  The flower stems are much shorter than my other hellebores and it is difficult to appreciate the flowers.  I am wondering if I move them to one of the raised beds in the woodland area whether they will be displayed better.  I have quite a few dotted around the  garden so maybe I will bring them together to make more of an impact.

I was pleased to see that my Omphalodes cappadocica ‘Cherry Ingram’ has started to flower.  I bought this plant last year at the Malvern Spring Show and then couldn’t decide where to plant it and have to confess the plant was moved a few times.  I think it is in the right place now nestled in the edge of the raised wooden border, peeping over a log.

I will leave you with my favourite hellebore (name unknown).  I am really studying these in detail at the moment as this plant is the subject of my latest watercolour painting.  It’s not until you really stare at the plants in order to paint them that you start to appreciate the finer details of them.

I would now give you a link to last year’s March GBBD post but I didn’t do one which is a pity so here is the 2010’s post which demonstrates how far ahead we are this year as there were only buds to show in 2010.

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