I adore tulips

I am seriously chuffed with my tulips this year despite the colours not being quite what I expected.  It is all very pink and girly and the flowers are really working well with the blossom on the prunus and amelanchier. I think my Cottage Garden Border is beginning to look good.

The variety in the foreground (I have lost the name) has been flowering since the beginning of the month which I think is wonderful value for money.  They are looking a little bowed today due to the rain we have had.  In fact some of them are looking like they won’t be flowering much longer

I have been braver and more exuberant with my tulips this year as a result of a talk I went to last May by Fergus Garrett at Coton Manor.  Fergus explained about adding out of season interest to a border with tulips.  He talked about planted the bulbs around perennials so that as the perennials reappear their leaves hide the fading tulip leaves.  Of course it helps if you choose tulips without large leaves and as you can see I have failed in this respect but I do like the lushness of the foliage.

There are still some gaps probably because I couldn’t remember what was planted in the border when I was bulb planting.  I shall follow Fergus’s advice and make a note in my garden notebook to add more for next year. I think I need something as an antidote to the pink.  I had thought I had bought Spring Green so maybe that’s what I will go for.  It is my experience that in the second year the flowers are often smaller so it will be interesting to compare these photos with next years.


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  1. Christina says:

    I love tulips too! I like the girly pinks, I love almost all the colours of tulips, mine grow slightly strangely here in Italy but do come back. I’ve just posted about how well they have done over the last three years. Christina

  2. I have second year tulips. The stems are shorter but the flowers are still beautiful.

  3. Your tulips are so much more advanced than mine. Spring Green (which I recommend) is in flower but the main tulip beds are only just starting. I went for a class with Fergus too – but sadly only after I had planted tulips en masse without planting pockets. Sigh. Dave

  4. I love the pink color…spring green is a lovely ones as well…

  5. The tulips have lasted really well for me this year – I dug them up and re-planted them in containers in the shade consequently they haven’t opened right out which means they have lasted longer. The next batch are now opening – Tulipa Tarda etc. which are a more delicate tulip but equally beautiful. Your border looks so vibrant isn’t it a shame when they start to go over.

  6. Mark and Gaz says:

    That’s a lovely looking display, and so much more advanced than here!

  7. Holleygarden says:

    Your tulips are so pretty! I love tulips but rarely grow them. But, oh, if I had the right climate….

  8. Donna says:

    Gorgeous pink shades look so fresh and lush against the various shades of green!

  9. Your garden looks really lovely with all those tulips. I love tulips and am quite dejected that not one single tulip has flowered or even looks as though it has any intention. Better luck next year now I am spurred on by your magnificant display.

  10. kate says:

    I’m not surprised you’re chuffed – those tulips are absolutely stunning (and I have an allergy to pink; conversion might be on the cards). Congratulations on a fabulous display!

  11. I’ve pink in the back garden and oranges in the front. How can you tell which tulip is going to grow big leaves as all my pinkish shade ones all have them but the lily flowering orange ones don’t. I wonder if all the lily ones have thinner leaves?

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