I know the photo above is slightly out of focus but the purple haze optimises my garden at the moment.  There are countless honesty which have self seeded around the garden and they are working wonderfully with the yellow of the narcissus.  I also have some white variegated honesty coming on but they aren’t in flower yet so hopefully they won’t cross-pollinate with the purple ones.

My inherited Deutzia is just coming into bloom, it should be a real picture in a weeks time.  It is growing in the most inconvenient place at the side of some steps but in order to get it out I think the retaining wall of the steps would collapse so I just prune it hard every year after flowering. The more I look at the above photo the more fascinated I am.  I’m thinking this might be a possible contender for a painting but would have to do on dark paper, will consult with tutor.

Tulips aside I am really pleased that all the corms and bulbs I planted in the new Woodland Border are looking fabulous.  The Erythronium Pagoda look fabulous.  I also bought some Erythronium Pallida (I think) and whilst some leaves appeared they were quite small and the flowers disappeared very quickly, hopefully next year they will do better.

I have added some Epimedium to the border which I bought at the Garden House.  Above is Rose Queen – they are surprisingly difficult to photograph as the flowers droop down.

The other Epimedium I bought is Epimedium x warleyense ‘Orangekonigin’.  This is even harder to photograph as the flowers are on wiry stems and quite spread out.

This little Lathyrus is very attractive.  I shall have to dig out my notes and try and find out which one it is.  I bought it two years ago from East Lammbrook Manor.

I thought I would finish with some of my Primulas.

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