Fab Foliage – April 2012

I thought I would join in with Christina’s monthly meme on foliage this month.  Whilst lots of the perennials are still only just emerging especially as the cooler temperatures now seem to be holding things back, there are some plants which are really making their presence felt such asLigularia britt marie crawford. I am so pleased to see this plant looking so healthy.  Last year it suffered with the dry weather so much so that this autumn I moved it into the new bog garden and the added moisture really seems to be helping.  Of course with all the rain we have had the past week it should be romping away.

I’m not a huge fan of topiary but over the last two years a few box pyramids and balls have crept into the garden to give winter interest and as focal points.  I like the box best at this time of the year when the new growth is looking so fresh and the plants have a woolly look.

This hellebore – Helleborus Argustifolius ‘Janet Starnes’ – is making its presence felt at the moment.  The leaves really stand out from the woodland border though sadly this plant is lacking in decent flowers and the stems have a tendency to be top-heavy but right now it looks quite pretty.

I have had this hosta for years, well in fact decades, and have no idea what it is but it has been divided over and over again and given away here and there.  It is particularly good at withstanding slugs although I don’t as a rule get a lot of slug damage in the garden.

Those are my four favourite foliage plants at the moment.  For more foliage posts visit Christina’s blog Creating my own garden of the Hesperides

8 Comments on “Fab Foliage – April 2012

  1. Thank you for joining in this month Helen. I love the foliage of your Ligularia, this is a plant I have always admired but I’ve never had a garden with conditions suitable to grow it. It is a plant worth growing for its foliage alone, although I will enjoy seeing its flowers later on. Your weather seems to be similar to ours so far this year with a warm, sunny March followed by a cold, rainy April! Hope the rain’s keeping off today so you can garden! Christina

  2. Hi Helen – from Yvonne – NZ – Nice to see the new growth. My hostas are slowly dying back! Some autumn colours in cherry trees on the roadside and I noticed some colours in big plane trees on roadside plantings in Ponsonby. Huge old trees. NZ trees are 99 percent evergreen, so nice to have some northern hemisphere ones to add colour. I said we were off to Jersey boys. To me it was very slick, fast and very American (well they are American so that’s natural). It made me realize how lucky we are in Auckland with a very active theatre scene, and no need to spend big money to see overseas productions. We have some very talented artists here.

  3. I still wait for my hostas to make an entrance to my garden scene… They’re playing hard-to-get, I think, and perhaps waiting for warmer weather, but I know they’re there…

  4. Some gorgeous foliage there Helen. A particular favourite is the Ligularia Britt Marie Crawford with its large, glossy foliage and deep colours, lovely!

  5. I love ligularias Helen, but haven’t planted them in this garden. They got very eaten by slugs at our last place and ended up like ribbons. It’s a shame as I planted them for the leaves rather than the flowers and being organic have to put up with some slug damage.
    Like you a few bits of box and topiary has crept into the garden against P’s better judgement.

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