Table of Delights – May 2012

The Table of Delights is looking less than elegant at the moment.  It isn’t quite groaning with plants  but is definitely heading that way.  My seedlings which are being hardened off are sitting on it away from the slugs.  As you can see the rain has been pretty relentless in recent weeks and the temperatures have been low so I am behind with planting out.  However the low temperatures have meant that the seedlings havent progressed as quickly as normal which does mean that I have a bit of a chance to get ahead if the weather is fine this weekend.  Well it is May now so  its about time we had  some sunshine and reasonable temperatures.

The observant  amongst you  will spot that there are some Auricula seedlings on the table.  I was given  these  as tiny seedlings last year by a work colleague of my youngest who knew I was into gardening with strict written instructions.  Anyway, I don’t know what sort of flowers these will have but I am thinking on buying some nice terracotta pots and making a display of them on the wall.  I do like waiting to see new plants will do, for me its part of the fun of growing plants from seed.

8 Comments on “Table of Delights – May 2012

  1. Are there cyclamen too? This is such a nice idea to have some treasures that are easily visible even from the house. Christina

    • There are cyclamen grown from seed last year. They are meant to be the indoor types. I am hoping if I look after them this year they might flower next winter

  2. I love this! I could putter around your patio area all day. I think your table of delights is delightful! Last year we had an incredibly wet spring and it was difficult to get things started. This year it is still cool (ironic after a mild winter). My seeds need some serious sun. Are those artichokes?

    • Hi VF – could you do a bit of weeding while you are puttering around the patio

    • Hi VF – yes those are globe artichokes which I need to plant out but two are for a fellow allotment holder if I ever see him to give them to him

  3. Hmm, I seem to remember a certain gardener (of a patient persuasion) writing recently how she didn’t like auriculas. Glad I’m not the only one who changes their mind! I find I like certain plants now that I wouldn’t countenance before. Dave

  4. I love your table and a perfect way to harden them and wait….we have been getting April rain in May although the temps have warmed here….time to get more seedlings out and plants planted….you know I love your greenhouse and patio…I would weed a bit for time in that greenhouse 🙂

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