I was thinking only yesterday that the garden is in a bit of a lull before the early summer flowers start but it was surprising today to see how many flowers there are at their best at the moment.  Now I don’t know what the plant above is.  I grew it from seed a few years back which I got through a seed distribution scheme and I know they were labelled wrong so I have never been 100% sure of the name.  It is a low ground hugging plant, so if you have any ideas let me know.

In a bid to learn to love my front garden I am including some of the flowers you can find there at the moment.  Above is Euphorbia griffithi ‘dixter’ (I think) it spreads all over the place and I am currently toying with moving it to in front of the beech hedge as I think the colour of the flower will look stunning against the new beech leaves. Below is Grevillea Canberra Gem one of my favourite plants in the garden for sentimental reasons but also because it flowers for ages and is covered in insects seeking pollen

The colours in the back garden are currently more muted, more pastel and the Aquilegas are just  starting their show.  My favourites are the Aquilegia McKanas with their long spurs.  I seem to have misplaced some of mine so I will be making a note to get some more seed.   I have some of the more European Aquilegia’s, as below, but I don’t find their dumpy flowers as appealing.

I am really pleased with the plant above, Centaurea montana I think, it hasn’t been that happy with the stems being very lax and the flower collapsing onto the soil but this autumn as part of the big move around I moved it to another part of the garden where the soil isn’t quite as good and it is drier and the plant has thrived with strong stems and bright upright flowers.

Mathiasella bupleuroides  ‘Green Dream’ just goes from strength to strength.  The leaves took a battering over the winter but having removed them all lots of new growth has appeared along with the wonderful flower which will stay now for months.

The colours in the woodland border are generally very pale and white but then that’s good as the flowers show up in the shade.  Above is Anemone nemorsa possibly vestal but I don’t think so as the photos I have found don’t have so much yellow showing.

The Maianthemum racemosum is the real star of the show in the woodland border this week and I leave you with the Deutzia which is swamping the top of the steps at the moment.  It is a stunning shrub inherited when he moved here and is wonderful every year.

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