I have lost track of the date and I wonder only thinking this morning, whilst weeding at the allotment, that it must be nearly time to do the monthly greenhouse post.  I pondered on the date and realised that today is the 20th and therefore the date for monthly post.  So here we are.

Lots of small seedlings still mainly due to the cold temperatures and lack of sunshine to bring them on.  I have only this weekend started hardening off the courgettes and tender annuals whereas last year I think they were already out and growing on.  This weekend hasn’t been that much better although the temperatures are creeping up so I have spent quite a few hours pricking out and potting up.  Both the cold frames are full and the patio is beginning to get crowded.

It isn’t all seedlings in the greenhouse though.  One of the  scented leaved pelargoniums is smothered in flowers and it really packs a punch when you open the greenhouse door.  I also have three small passion-flower and they all have big fat flower buds which are on the point of opening.  These flowers are also heavily scented so I think it could get quite heady over the coming weeks.  But what I am most excited about is that there are definitely flower buds coming on my Watsonia, I grew them from seed about 3 years ago so having them flower will be a real achievement.

The biggest problem in the greenhouse at the moment is the number of slugs and spiders.  Last year we had a resident frog who obviously kept the spiders and slugs in check but he moved out when I cleaned out the greenhouse.  This is probably a good thing for the frog as I now have a cat who loves hunting and who would no doubt torment the frog but it’s not a good thing for my pest control.  I have to clear out the staging on one side to make room for the tomato plants so I will have to give the whole greenhouse another clean then.

I have today sown the last of my perennial seeds but I now need to start sowing the biennials – it never seems to end especially as I want to have lots of wallflowers, sweet-william, sweet rocket and honesty next year for the garden and for the allotment.

I finally have some dahlias coming up and some gladioli.  Last year all my dahlias, which weren’t cheap failed so this year I bought some very cheap ones from Wilkinsons as well as growing some from seed.  To date progress both from the bought tuber and the seeds is definitely better than last year, although to be fair that isn’t that difficult.

That’s my greenhouse in May.  I will do another post on the 20th June.  If you have a greenhouse and would like to join in with this monthly meme you are very welcome – just post a link to your post in the comments box.