Greenhouse Year – June 2012

I have had a bit of a re-jig in the greenhouse over the past month.  The top level gravel trays have been taken out and there are now four tomato plants on the lower gravel trays.  A slightly strange configuration I grant you but it means I can maximise the use of my tiny greenhouse without having to remove the whole staging framework and store it.  The tomatoes are accompanied by three Watsonia that are about to flower – I am checking on them twice a day at the moment since it is more years than I care to remember since I sowed the seeds for these plants so the first flowers will be a real triumph.  Also nestling on the lower gravel trays are some pots of lemon basil (below) which are doing better than any basil I have ever grown before. I am frightened to harvest any in case I kill the plants off!  Oh and also some tender ferns which I bought a few years ago and which until this year  have struggled in the greenhouse.  I do think the gravel trays are excellent as they help keep the humidity up and red spider mite down and also help with retaining moisture to the plants so I don’t have to water quite as much.

The other side of the greenhouse is still housing a ridiculous amount of seed trays.  I have sown my biennials this month and the sweet williams and wallflowers have germinated within a week meaning more seeds to prick out and I still have annuals to plant out so this weekend is going to be busy even if it does rain again.

I have an aubergine which I rescued from a garden centre where it was falling out of a very small pot.  It has really bulked up and is now flowering but having never grown them before I have  no idea if it will get bigger or if it needs to be potted up.  There are also a number of peppers and chillis which are bigger than I have managed before but I suspect need potting up which beggars the question, where will they go!

These photos were taken last evening when the sun was going in and the greenhouse had cooled down so the passion flower had closed but they add a real punch of scent to the greenhouse.  This is added to by the two species pelargoniums I have managed to get through the winter.  I still have Pelargonium australe (below) and Pelargonium sidoides and they too give off scent.  I think I would like to add to these so I might keep an eye out for some more on my travels.

If you would like to share the comings and goings in your greenhouse why not join in this meme on the 20th of each month and post a link to your post in the comment box below

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  1. Yvonne Ryan says:

    Yvonne – NZ – Your toms look good – I have a mass of seedlings but will have to pull them out as winter and won’t come to anything and certainly won’t flower and fruit. Watsonias – eek – here in Auckland they are a terrible weed, I have seen 1/4 acre sections just a tight mat with them!! Just massive poisoning and/or scraping top 6″ off would solve the problem!! When I lived in West Melton – just west of Christchurch – they used to grow along the water-races and were also a weed – but not quite so bad as Auckland.

  2. Plants are looking good in your greenhouse. I hope to start soon some native plant seeds to plant out in the meadow and garden in the fall…as I start them, I will post and link in….you have inspired me to get going!

  3. Christina says:

    Everything looks really healthy, Helen. You put me to shame with the amount you grow in your small greenhouse. Mine is really hot and pollinators don’t enter now. You could try your chillies on the allotment, they are actually pretty tough, mine flower and fruit right up to the frost (so January last yesr); that would give you more space for the peppers and aubergine – but I fear you will be too late for a crop this year, I’ll try to post something later in the day. Christina

  4. You really have inspired me. I love the idea of a greenhouse as a garden space rather than just a place to propagate plants.

  5. Donna says:

    a place for everything, and everything in its place!

  6. So often greenhouses are just willy nilly places of storage not a destination. Yours looks great! What kind of tomatoes are you having this year?

  7. You make me realise I could get an awful lot more into the Priory greenhouse if I was better organised! Dave

  8. Simon Smith says:

    Your greenhouse looks great – super organised! I may have to try growing some lemon basil, as every other basil plant I have kept has become stricken with greenfly or simply died as soon as I picked a few leaves.

  9. James says:

    I have big ideas for a greenhouse but would like to put you straight on something. I could not describe you as an amateur as you describe yourself, and just to let you know that I am the genuine article when it comes to being amateur. Reading your piece here has shown me that my usual method of trial and error is not the way forward.

    I don’t have it yet but I have arranged for a friend to come by and build a greenhouse for me in the coming weeks hopefully ready for the autumn so I was specifically searching for blogs with information about greenhouses and how best to utilize them. I’m very keen to grow mostly herbs and I found this piece to be very helpful and look forward to increasing my limited knowledge by reading all your other posts.

    Your greenhouse tips will be of much use to me in my future project. I was interested to read in your about me section about how writing this blog has opened up new worlds for you. I know the Malvern hills very well and it is a beautiful part of the midlands, and may I just wish you good luck with this venture and to thank you for giving us such a delightful and informative blog where genuine amateurs like myself can actually learn something.

  10. Thats a great idea about the gravel trays. I can see how that would be a lot better for drainage and thats a great tip that it keeps away those pesky little red guys!

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