Happy Birthday – Maise

It’s a year today since I got our cat.  I have never owned a cat before – a dog yes but a cat no.  It was a spur of the moment thing, well as much as you can get a cat on the spur of the moment with all the checks the animal rescue people do.  But it was one of those moments when I just couldn’t shake off the idea and I am a greater believer in listening to your instincts/heart over your brain.  Anyway here we are one year on and none of us can imagine not having Maisie living with us.

My sons (19 and 21) were sceptical about a cat.  Cats are boring, why can’t we have a dog.  However one year on they are completely besotted.  I suspect part of the reason is Maisie’s character.  She is opinionated, out spoken, independent and loving – on her terms only – bit like her owner.  I have never come across such a vocal cat but I am told that Tabby cats are often quite talkative.

She thanks you for opening the door, she  rants around the house when she is grounded for tormenting mice, she has a strange deep growl like noise that she makes when she is hurtling round have a funny five minutes.  She hides behind doors and chairs and leaps out at you saying – ha ha got you.  She is quite mad.

She isn’t a cuddly cat, she won’t sit on your lap.  The most you get is her sitting on the back of the sofa behind you head butting you or she will give you a wash in the morning.  She will spend hours playing chase in the garden with the boys after some bit of stick or up and down the stairs chasing a ball – I often wonder if she thinks she is a dog.

She is also a very successful hunter not something I am too keen on but I suppose it is in her nature and having been abandoned with kittens I presume her instincts were brought to the fore.  Although she has had kittens the vet thought she was only about 2 when we got her and there is definitely a kittenish quality  about her still.

My biggest relief is that she doesn’t rise with the sun anymore as she did last summer and I don’t get woken at stupid times.  She sleeps on my bed on her own blanket – the only time she will sleep on the blanket and despite the odd midnight wander to look out of the window she doesn’t get up until she hears me click the alarm clock off.  Fantastic.

We dont know when she was born so the 23rd June is now her birthday.

We love her dearly and I am so glad that this time last year I didn’t let my sensible rationale head overrule my heart.


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  1. Alison says:

    Happy birthday Maisie – so glad you have settled in so well to your new home.

  2. Arabella Sock says:

    All our cats have had very different ‘voices’ Binki a large boy had a tiny mew whereas Wumous my sweet dainty little pedigree girl used to bellow loudly if things weren’t according to her demands.
    Hebe has got a lot more chatty over the last few years with different sounds for various situations. Spook just says ME,ME,ME! the whole time

  3. Helen I believe we are drawn to people and pets and listening to your inner self is the only way to find those special ones. She is gorgeous and those eyes. Just stunning. Definitely her own cat as that facial expression above clearly shows. I love her name as well. Happy Birthday Maise!

  4. leenie says:

    She is lovely 🙂

  5. Dobby says:

    Definitely a face full of character. My cat squeks rather than meows. I find a dead mouse in the garden sometimes and a couple of weeks ago a live one in the house!
    Happy Birthday Maise. Hope your mum opened a tin of tuna to celebrate.

  6. Chocolat does the ambushed by a highwayman on a dark night thing. Gets a rewarding startle out of us! Aragon is very good at the silent meow, Chocolat says hullo and good night. But just the once, it’s not a game! Aragon and Chocolat wish Maise a happy birthday.

  7. Mark and Gaz says:

    Maisie is adorable! Happy birthday to her and can imagine why you are all so fond of here, coming from fellow cat owners (or servants) 🙂

  8. Donna says:

    I agree with Donna (of the memorable name), all the animals in my life chose us rather than us choosing them – in much the same way you just know that you’ll get along with some people in the first few seconds of meeting them but not with others. BTW how is the ‘bird’ situation re the other cats with Maise’s presence in the garden etc?

  9. Victoria says:

    Happy birthday Maisie! She looks so gorgeous. I agree about the killing – found a dead frog on the rug the other day. Eeeyoo. But the cats make me laugh so much, I’d find it hard to be without mine too.

  10. Yvonne Ryan says:

    Yvonne – NZ – Lovely puss – I have a bischon-poodle x small dog Mesha (very soft wool) as company who goes in car etc with me. The first time a ‘pet’ dog since I was a girl. Have had farm dogs who were also pets before. Always had at least one cat. We only have a small apartment with small garden so one animal enough. My last two cats were chinchillas – gorgeous fluff balls -who didn’t really make old bones. Meesha barks as cat next door who teases her. I suppose good thing as I feed birds! I spray water at Meesha and go crook but she keeps keeping cat off our place! When Meesha a puppy the ‘upstairs’ cat had decided to live here as my cat had died and she was ‘real mean’ to Meesha so I suppose all cats are mean to her. “Cleo” by Helen Brown – a book about a cat healing a family might interest you. Lovely story.

  11. She looks well loved. I adore my cat and can’t imagine living in a cat-less house. She is very old now so it won’t be long. My birder husband has offered to get her stuffed rather than getting a new kitten when it happens!! (He is joking … I think!)

  12. hillwards says:

    Beautiful kitty, lovely picture. Happy birthday, Maisie. My mum has two tabbies who are much more vocal than our black and white – though he has become more vocal since we lost his sister.

  13. I can not believe it is a year! She looks like a very happy cat, it was her lucky day when you and the boys took her in.

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