Wordless Wednesday 4/7/12 – Tragopogon porrifoliu Update


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  1. what a most interesting seed head and plant that I am not familiar with…

  2. easygardener says:

    Bit of a tongue twister. I can see why Salsify caught on instead 🙂

  3. Libby says:

    I’m intrigued.The tissue texture is really interesting. What does it look like in flower?

    1. patientgardener says:

      Hi Libby – I have updated the post with a photo of Salsify in flower. It does self-seed gracefully

  4. What a very photographic seedhead!

  5. Lona says:

    What a lovely flower. The first time I saw the flower was this summer in Virginia. I just loved it. Happy 4th to you.

  6. Yvonne Ryan says:

    Yvonne – NZ – Agreed a weird name for a pretty flower. So called winter day here – fog – then very warm sun, feels like warm spring day. Although black ice and bus accident in South Island and freezing temperatures. Must be 17 or 18 here today. Sorry about your wet summer, keeps coming up on our news!

  7. Yvonne Ryan says:

    Yvonne – NZ – Hi again – just been for a walk. There is still lots of colour, early or late miniature agapanthus, early magnolias, lots of camelias, lots of autumn leaves still, especially on Taiwanese Cherries, planted on roadsides. The tuis go crazy on them in the spring for their nectar! Also quite a few daffodils and eirlichere. Mt Eden is an old residential area and has lots of deciduous trees planted along the roads. Most NZ trees are evergreen.

  8. hillwards says:

    Ah, we’re growing Salsify for the first time this year. I look forward to its flowers and seedheads, then!

  9. Mark and Gaz says:

    The seed heads are great, Does it self seed for you?

    1. patientgardener says:

      Hi Guys – yes it does self seed but not prolifically

  10. Astonishing! Certainly arresting!

  11. Magnifiques photos. Bonne journée.

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