Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – July 2012

Today, St Swithin Day, has been dry so I am very hopeful that the tedious rain will be behind us.  I don’t actually mind the cooler weather but it is getting frustrating not being able to get jobs done and enjoy the garden.  I thought I would start with a  smily sunshine plant – Anthemis tinctoria ‘Sauce Hollandaise’.

I, and the pollinators, am really enjoying the Cephalaria gigantea or Gaint Scabious.  It is ridiculously tall up to 6ft so it was some thing of a struggle to take the photograph.

Whilst I do like the large Alliums I am becoming more and more fond of the smaller varieties such as Allium cernuum above.  They are much shorter and don’t get blown over like the globemasters etc.

A new acquisition this year Hydrangea serrata Shojo.  It has a much more delicate flower than the mophead hydrangeas and really lights up a dark and shady corner at the top of the garden.

The Achillea are looking great and very popular with the pollinators.  The only downside of them is that they keep flopping everywhere and I haven’t worked out the best way of supporting them.

The Brodiaea has also been flatten by the rain but they are still shining out from the border and increase year on year.

Finally aKniphofia; I have no idea of the variety as it was grown from a mixed packet of seeds but I particularly like the colouring of this one.

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13 Comments on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – July 2012

  1. I love the giant scabious Helen. Seeing your pretty hydrangea remade me realise I forgot to include mine in GBBD they really do light up a corner don’t they!

  2. Yvonne – NZ – Seems as though you are still WET. I have never seen this tall scabious – I always have several of the normal purple ones to attract the bumble bees. They are still working till 9pm in the summer!

  3. Lovely muted hot-poker. The scabious is fantastic, I’ve raised some plants from seed this year after admiring it in localish gardens last year. Beautiful hydrangea too.

  4. Helen, what lovely plants you have – and how healthy they all look. Beautiful colours…. sigh…

  5. I like the Cephalaria gigantea, did you grow it from seed? I saw it last year at a garden show in Germany – it wasn’t 6 ft but then it hadn’t rained for the whole summer there! Usually I don’t have any problems keeping my Achillea standing but this year the rain in late May and very strong winds have left mine sprawling accross the path, I intend just cutting it back and hoping the secondary growth will be more upright. You could try making sure yours don’t have too rich a soil and plant them in the driest part of your garden. I love your hydrangea, such an elegant variety. Christina

    • Hi Christine – no I didnt grow the Cephalaria from seed. I tried to grow some last year from a seed distribution but they didnt germinate so not being patient at all I bought one at Tatton show. It is quite gorgeous and the flowerheads are bigger than standard scabious

  6. I learned never to complain about the rain and this year is the proof of that here in the Midwest. It’s such a treat to see your photos of plants happily flourishing in the wet. Your Allium cernuum is so much more purple than mine, although mine is much paler than the wild thing growing at the prairie near here. Mine waited until today to start opening. You might want to keep an eye on it next year. It self-sows way too freely in my garden and I end up pulling it like weeds. I just bought a Kniphofia this spring that looks a lot like yours, it was in a mix of something with Mango in the name. I chose the one that was yellow. You have excellent taste. ;^)

  7. Hello there – I love your blog, and all your reports from lovely Barcelona. I think your kniphofia might be Bressingham Sunbeam – that’s the one I have which seems the same colour – is it quite small in stature? If so then that might be it. I also grow the wonderfully named Toffee Nosed which is more, well, toffee coloured. Both great tough plants. Happy gardening, Ursula

    • Hi Ursula – yes the kniphofia is small so could well be Bressingham Sunbeam. I did have Toffee Nose but its seems to have disappeared, I must get another one. I am glad you like the Barcelona posts, I will be doing one more but then I will have used up my photos

  8. I’m so jealous of your Cephalaria! Mine are quite stunted this year, having been trampled and pecked practically to death by my neighbor’s chickens 😦 It is blooming, at least, even if it’s only about 2′ tall! I spotted some in another garden across town…they must be at least 10′ tall!

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