Today, St Swithin Day, has been dry so I am very hopeful that the tedious rain will be behind us.  I don’t actually mind the cooler weather but it is getting frustrating not being able to get jobs done and enjoy the garden.  I thought I would start with a  smily sunshine plant – Anthemis tinctoria ‘Sauce Hollandaise’.

I, and the pollinators, am really enjoying the Cephalaria gigantea or Gaint Scabious.  It is ridiculously tall up to 6ft so it was some thing of a struggle to take the photograph.

Whilst I do like the large Alliums I am becoming more and more fond of the smaller varieties such as Allium cernuum above.  They are much shorter and don’t get blown over like the globemasters etc.

A new acquisition this year Hydrangea serrata Shojo.  It has a much more delicate flower than the mophead hydrangeas and really lights up a dark and shady corner at the top of the garden.

The Achillea are looking great and very popular with the pollinators.  The only downside of them is that they keep flopping everywhere and I haven’t worked out the best way of supporting them.

The Brodiaea has also been flatten by the rain but they are still shining out from the border and increase year on year.

Finally aKniphofia; I have no idea of the variety as it was grown from a mixed packet of seeds but I particularly like the colouring of this one.

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