Today I made a skirt

Yes I know amazing isn’t it!

I used to do loads of dressmaking about 25 years ago and I want to start making clothes again but I need to find my confidence.  Back in the day I was a standard skinny 10 so dressmaking was easy now I am not so skinny and certainly not standard or a size 10 so more challenging.  However, the advantage of making your own clothes is that you should be able to get a good fit but then again to do that you need to have an idea of what you are doing and I have forgotten more about dressmaking than I can remember.  Anyway, having made a simple top a couple of months ago and some dolls clothes I decided that I was brave enough to make a summer skirt for my holiday.

The observant amongst you will be thinking hang on didn’t she go away the other week and you would be correct.  I bought the material and pattern in plenty of time but then I wasted many hours worrying about getting the pattern to fit properly.  I attempted to measure myself and the pattern indicated I was between a medium and extra large.  This made not sense as even I know I’m not that large but it also sent me into a flat spin about how to get the skirt to fit especially as I had bought reasonably expensive fabric.  In the end I cut out the medium pieces from an old sheet and tacked it together and decided that it fitted fine and I really needed a lesson in how to measure myself properly.   By this time there was no time left before we went on holiday to make the skirt and it has taken until now for me to get my courage back.

Anyway, today was forecast to be a wet day so I decided before I went to bed that today would be a sewing day and I would try to get the skirt made.  The pattern itself was fairly simple – Kwik Sew 3951. The material I bought from Gone to Earth and they are both Joel Dewberry designs.

Once I had cut the pattern out the skirt sewed up really quickly.  It is a simple wrap skirt with two buttons securing it at the top.  The hardest part was trying to remember how to do buttonholes on my sewing machine – it took about 6 attempts before I had managed to succeed with a practice one.

I am quite pleased with it, though I wonder if I should have  lengthened it but we shall see.  I think it will look quite nice with a black or navy top and navy sandles.  Hopefully the weather will now improve and we will have an Indian summer so I can brave wearing my creation to work!

17 Comments on “Today I made a skirt

  1. Hurrah! Awesome skirt! I also do some dressmaking/knitting/crafty things too and there’s something very rewarding about wearing an item you made. It allows for lashings of smugness when someone says ‘nice hat’ and you can go ‘I made it myself’ and they go silent with sheer awe at your greatness. Or something 😛

    • hi Libby – your comment did make me laugh. I have worn jumpers I have knitted to work but not things I have sewn since I was in my late teens and far more confident.

  2. Well done. You are inspiring me to maybe make a dress. I used to make all my own clothes many of which were unique and gorgeous and some hideous mistakes. Some of my best successes were my own creations modified from patterns I already had. I gave up when I found it difficult to get material I liked.

    Today I made a cushion cover. Not quite as good as a skirt but useful

    • Hi Arabella – go for it, there are hardly any material shops round here, but I have discovered that if you look around the web there is a good range. However a lot is aimed at quilters so sold in quarter metres so you have to hunt around a bit for the best price. Printed cottons seem to be readily available but whether it will be the same if you want to make something out of a different fabric I dont know yet

  3. A most pretty and summery creation and great to have something unique to wear. I’m most envious of anybody who can sew, knit, crochet etc. At school we could not progress on to cookery lessons until we had made an apron and monogrammed cap – I despaired of ever getting to make scones and cheese straws until a younger family member came to my rescue. Have still not got beyond sewing buttons on 😦

    • Yvonne – NZ – Was this in England?? We in NZ also in the ‘olden’ days used to have to had sew an apron (pinny) and head band with our names on. Did we get our cariculum from England? We were also taught to make flaky pastry which I have never made again! My Mum was an amazing sewer and knitter but my great-aunt had the patience to teach me to knit and crochet.

  4. Yvonne – NZ – A bit 70’s?? pattern material? Looks nice! I have made a pact with myself that I won’t make clothes for myself any more and have got rid of all the material that I ‘was going to make something’. Used to do lots for grandkids etc as well. Although if a baby still love to knit. As kids get older the washing machine clothes are easier. My latest great grand-son was well knitted for with about 10, I think – lots of bright colours. Need to wait for next greats!W

  5. Awesome skirt there. Love the colors and the bordering. Simply lovely.

  6. I am truly impressed, not only with the skirt which is really lovely but your determination to get it finished. I too used to do masses of sewing, for myself and my daughter but sadly I have lost so much confidence over the years because I’d simply forgotten some of the basic procedures. You have inspired me – and thanks for the fabric and pattern tips too. By the way, love your gardening blog too.

  7. Wooh hoo look at you! Very ersatz Boden! – I SO love it!
    wish i could sew!

  8. Boy I do not want to be near a sewing machine ever again as if I would remember anything…I cannot sew a straight line so it has never been a good thing for me to sew….but I do admire the talent you have just from your description of the process you use… innate ability and creativity…it is lovely and I like the whole outfit as you have described it.

  9. Very pretty. I’m dabbling with sewing a few clothes too, after starting with lots of baby bibs, mats, bags and other practical things over the past year or so. Last year I made some skirts for something of a fancy dress weekend, and a few weekends’ ago I drafted and made a ‘real world’ A-line skirt. The invisible zip is not as invisible as it should be, but I was pleased with it as a first effort, and wore it out last week!
    I love the fabrics, I have a few Joel Dewberry pieces, my sparrows bags feature one of his designs. There are some lovely online fabric stores, and so many great prints that you never see in the shops, including some particularly lovely nature-inspired ones. I should confess I have rather a fabric addiction, to match my enthusiasm for seeds and plants… 😉
    I have even bought a handful of patterns, just trying to find time and courage to embark on one, to learn more skills than self-drafting can reveal…

  10. Hi Helen, I love this skirt. I hope you’ve been doing lots more sewing since this! I would be scared to try a button hole with my machine – I must have done some way back in the past but the last ones I did were by hand because I chickened out.
    I just want to say, I’ve answered your question on my blog about where the pattern came for the top I made. Sorry it’s been a while but I had to dig it back out.
    Teresa x

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