The Greenhouse Year – July 2012


Not much has changed in the greenhouse over the last month.  The light levels and temperatures have been lower than normal and this has held things back.  I have been using the greenhouse to protect many of my succulents and alpines to prevent them getting too water damaged.  However with the temperatures due to return to what we would expect for this time of year I have moved them out so the greenhouse isn’t looking as crowded as usual.

I still have some trays of seedlings to prick out and pot up so that’s at the top of the to do list this weekend.  I did finally get my act together today and sow some late managetout, broccoli, chinese cabbage and brompton stocks.  With the various pests at the allotment meaning I have had to lift a lot of crops early I have some space to fill so am hoping to get some late crops in.

The Lemon Crystal cucumber is beginning to produce flowers which is very exciting as I have no idea what the fruits will taste like.  The rescued Aubergine keeps producing flowers but at least one fruit has fallen off.  I have never grown them before so no idea of what they need.

The tomatoes finally have flowers on them but the outside plants seem to be further ahead with small fruits already!  You can just see one of the remaining flowers from the Watsonia.  This is the first time they have flowered having grown them from seed about 3 or 4 years ago.

So that’s the greenhouse this month – who knows by next month there might even be a tomato or cucumber to report.

4 Comments on “The Greenhouse Year – July 2012

  1. Yvonne – NZ – What are mangenots??? A root crop?? Maybe your egg plant is saying it is too cold, even though in the greenhouse!

  2. The aubergine needs heat…it loves sun and hot weather…I had mine in a part shade garden last year and the same thing happened. Now I have it on the patio in a grow bag and it is singing with all our heat…but we shall see if I get any eggplant this year.

  3. Hi Helen, yes Donna is right. They like heat. I haven’t grown aubergines this year (well, I did but the seedlings failed like so much else) but these past two sunny years I’ve grown them in pots in the greenhouse and got a small crop from each plant. Your greenhouse is always so darn tidy! D

  4. Aubergine, melanzane in Italian which literally translates and apple not healthly – ie not edible! They need heat and long hot sunny days. I think this year in the UK it will be difficult to achieve ripe fruit, but do try again next year and think about growing a variety that is slightly smaller, they take less time to ripen. Nothing much is happening in my greenhouse this month it is too hot. I’m still harvesting tomatoes and both Thai and Genovese basil are doing well, melons have been taken over by ants farming aphids! Peppers are behind those outside and pollinators find it too hot to enter (as do I during the day). Christina

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