Like a fairytale princess the daisy border is stretching her limbs and opening her eyes, welcoming the sunshine which seems to have finally arrived.

Aster umbellatus, like a bridesmaid leads the way, opening its tiny dainty flowers before all the others.  A mass of insects which hide when the camera appear.  It is tall, adding height and a delightful counterpoint to the Calamgrostis overdam take form the backbone of the border.

Aster ‘Sara (I think) has now demurely joined in.  You almost miss it in the border, the flowers are so subtle but when you look, really look, it is a really beautiful flower. Although prone to toppling on my slope.

Leucanthemum ‘Broadway Lights’ at the foot of the slope,  due  to its more diminutive nature, helps to hide the feet of some of the taller leggier plants.

Finally Verbena bonariensis, whilst not a daisy, it helps to add interest to the grasses at the back of the border and attracts more pollinators.

This is just the beginning there is echineau and heleniums beginning to flower so hopefully in another week or so the daisy slope will really come into its own.