Floral Paralympics

I have returned from an amazing weekend with my sons in London which included watching athletics at the Paralympics this morning.  I truely awe-inspiring experience.

I though however that I should share another side of the Paralympic/Olympic Park.  The quieter, more restful, and floral part.  If you tear your eyes away from the amazing sporting venues and from being overwhelmed by the amount of people and the atmosphere and look around you start to notice the canals running through the park which are set down lower and along the bank is the most wonderful planting.

Some of the plants areas represent different areas of the world and the plants that grow there.   The two photos above show the planting which represented the South Hemisphere.  We didn’t see the other parts of the world – well we may have and not realised there was just so much to take it.

Lots of the planting is annual seed mixes and considering these were sown ready for the start of the Olympics they are still looking quite stunning.


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  1. Very lovely, there’s something about white cosmos and masses of Rudbeckias …

  2. Cathy says:

    Yes, the cosmos and rudbeckia look lovely, don’t they? I was so pleased you posted this, Helen, as we will be there on Weds/Thurs and I have already been told by a gardening friend how much I would like the planting, and this has given me a taster. It has also confirmed that we will need plenty of time to see everything, but at least we have got 2 sessions to spread it over. You have captured the essence so well with your pictures – thank you.

  3. Libby says:

    Gorgeous. My fave is the third pic down – all that Stipa must have looked lovely in a breeze.

  4. Ceri Macfarlane says:

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures. My husband and sons also went to the paralympics this morning but failed to take a single photo of anything outside of the stadium.

  5. Yvonne Ryan says:

    Yvonne – NZ – So pretty and informal – I seem to remember seeing lots of cosmos in the Korean Games along the roadsides. My magnolia is 3/4 way out against a rather grey sky (huge downpour about 10am – calf deep water to wade through when I went to Zumba! Actually that’s a fib as managed to get a park above water line – but some of the others had to get their feet wet.

  6. Christie says:

    Thank you so much for the photos. We are in Australia and I have managed to see only snippets of both Games. I hadn’t seen any of these areas.

  7. Christina says:

    I’ve read and heard so much about this planting, thanks for sharing your impressions; I would love to see it, hopefully the next time I’m in London it will still be looking good. I do think it was a wonderful way of expressing the British love of gardening and showing the world we are still some of the best gardeners in the world. I was very sad that Italian tv didn’t show any of the area around the venues when they covered the Olympics, but then Italian tv just can’t be compared with the BBC! Christina

  8. lindasgarden says:

    lovely Helen

  9. We thought the flowers were amazing when we visited.. made a great day even better for me.

  10. Mark and Gaz says:

    I’ve read so much about the planting but very little of it has been featured on gardening blogs, until now. A lovely glimpse of the place! I do wonder how the planting will evolve (or be kept) after the olympics. It’ll be interesting to see in the coming years.

  11. Liz says:

    Lovely photos Helen. I too was there at the weekend and the park looked magnificent. An inspiring day all round!

  12. So lovely to see these, I could not get tickets and really wanted to see the planting – certainly well worth the accolades, the garden design team deserve a gold medal all of their own!

  13. Love these plantings and I see many natives to the US especially the first and last photo…I can only imagine how incredible the paralympics were….

  14. easygardener says:

    The planting looks very impressive – I might get to visit after the Paralympics ends. Luckily the erratic weather is prolonging the flowering. Hope you enjoyed your visit!

  15. Great to see some photos of the planting I have read so much about. They really did do an amazing job of it.

  16. Claire says:

    Glad to see this as we couldn’t get tickets for the park and I heard that some of the planting had been squashed by people sitting on it! Looking forward to being able to see it when the park opens to the public next year.

  17. Lovely photos all…I especially like the cosmos, they are beautiful!

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