I have returned from an amazing weekend with my sons in London which included watching athletics at the Paralympics this morning.  I truely awe-inspiring experience.

I though however that I should share another side of the Paralympic/Olympic Park.  The quieter, more restful, and floral part.  If you tear your eyes away from the amazing sporting venues and from being overwhelmed by the amount of people and the atmosphere and look around you start to notice the canals running through the park which are set down lower and along the bank is the most wonderful planting.

Some of the plants areas represent different areas of the world and the plants that grow there.   The two photos above show the planting which represented the South Hemisphere.  We didn’t see the other parts of the world – well we may have and not realised there was just so much to take it.

Lots of the planting is annual seed mixes and considering these were sown ready for the start of the Olympics they are still looking quite stunning.