GBBD 15/9/12 – Pretty in Pink

You would be forgiven from looking at this months blooms that we were back in June instead of September.  The roses in my garden have a second flush and unusually they are more floriferous than earlier in the year.  Above is Rosa ‘Handel’ which is a sort of climber, well I think it is a climber as it sends up very long stems but never more than about 7ft tall.  It is smothered in flowers and quite gorgeous.

Above is Rosa Jude the Obscure, a David Austin rose.  I bought two roses from them this year, the second being Emma Hamilton.  I love the flowers of David Austin roses but they always seem to flop and Jude the Obscure is doing exactly that.  It does smell wonderful though and in the Autumn I shall move it to the Cottage Garden border where I think it will do better as its less shady.  I love the flowers they look like porcelain

The third rose in flower and worth photographing, the others are all rather shabby, is Rosa Lucky.  Another good plant which has been flowering off and on all summer and produces lots of flowers.

Continuing the pink theme in the garden, which has surprised me as the garden is meant to be in its late summer oranges and yellows phase, is Diascia personata ‘Hopleys’.  I bought this from Wollerton Old Hall back in early August and it has been flowering non-stop ever since.  A really good buy.

Another pink purchase from Wollerton Old Hall is Salvia involucrata boutin.  This was rather a risky purchase since the plant is tender and I will have  to over-winter it but it is so gloriously pink and syrupy I couldn’t resist and it is working well with the other pink flowers in the Cottage Garden Border.

Finally a Phlox I bought at the local flea market the other day which was just labelled ‘Phlox’ and some Cosmos which have flopped with all the wind we have  had.

These are the highlights in the garden today but lurking in the wings are Asters, Sanguisorba and Lobelia tupa which I might share in another post.

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17 Comments Add yours

  1. Those pinks are so lovely. I especially love your Roseleaf Salvia, and your Roses are beautiful.

  2. Very pretty in pink Helen. Salvia involucrata “boutin” is one of my favourite plants. Mine has come through the last two winters without any special treatment, although I always take a few cuttings just in case!

  3. Christina says:

    Don’t I recall you saying in a previous post that you don’t like pink! Perhaps I’m mistaken. Anyway your blooms are beautiful and certainly I am struck that yours and other UK gardens are looking summery rather than autumnal, which is a joy given the summer you’ve had. Christina

  4. Lea says:

    Beautiful blooms!
    Happy GBBD!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  5. Judy says:

    Gorgeous pictures – our gardens are just about finished. Always kind of sad to see mostly green when you look around. But, then you get to move things around and anticipate next year.

  6. Cathy says:

    It’s great to see the roses having another (last) flush,isn’t it? And that Diascia personata ‘Hopleys’ seems to be a real success – Which? Gardening did a report on diascias earlier this year so I must go back and dip into it again, as it’s a long time since I have had a reliable diascia.

  7. Gorgeous blooms…I know next month there will be only memories of blooms as mine are all but gone because of our weather…

  8. James says:

    I enjoyed your shades and tints of rose and peach. I’m looking forward to seeing the next wave of flowers from your autumn-bloomers. Happy Bloomday!

  9. I love that salvia, never seen it before.

  10. julieadolf says:

    Your roses are gorgeous! I have rose envy–our gardens are very shady, so I only have a few sentimental roses in the small sunny bit of garden. The images of your roses are so powerful I can almost smell them! The salvia and cosmos are also lovely. Thank you for the tour, and I look forward to visiting your garden again soon. Happy Bloom Day!

  11. The roses are lovely Helen. I am contemplating growing more next year because they seem to like my soil. How lucky to have your phlox and cosmos still around, mine died off weeks ago. I am off to the David Austin website now to check out Rosa Jude the Obscure.

  12. debsgarden says:

    Jude the Obscure is not obscure at all, but looks like a star to me! I love it! Very little is blooming in my own garden, though a few roses have come alive with the milder temperatures, and my cosmos is going strong in the wildflower garden.

  13. hillwards says:

    Porcelain indeed, Jude the Obscure is stunning. I too thought the garden would have moved over to the mostly warm-toned heleniums, rudbeckias and asters by now, but loving the variety of colours still. The salvia looks pretty too.

  14. Gail says:

    I love pinks and would love to have more at this time of year~Especially beautiful fragrant roses. I think porcelain is a perfectly apt description. Your phlox looks awfully like my Phlox ‘Laura’, but, they are so many cultivars…

  15. Elle says:

    Lovely shade! Those blooms are really lovely.

  16. Wow you roses looks amazing! Love the colours and shades and how they all turn up so delicately!

  17. Yvonne Ryan says:

    How pretty – just read my back emails as just got back from Rio early am yesterday. Spring has sprung – still- in my garden – lovely pale pink cherry blossoms on the road – over 20 dark purple dutch irises with pink peach blossom as a back drop, granny bonnets and cinnareas (opps spelling) bunnies etc!

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