Wordless Wednesday 26/9/12 – Hydrangea


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  1. lindasgarden says:

    Lovely Helen and great post

  2. Helen this is gorgeous…it is my dream to get one of my hydrangeas to bloom blue…I have moved a few around this fall in hopes they will grow more, bloom more and turn blue!

    1. patientgardener says:

      Hi Donna – I have to admit that this isnt growing in my garden at all. It was at a garden I visited in Devon and all the hydrangeas were shades of blue so I suspect they had the right type of soil

  3. Donna says:

    This one is a really lovely vibrant blue and it looks nice and healthy. I’m not over keen on the wishy-washy pink ones though, they just seem to hang around looking a bit ‘blah’ to me – maybe it’s just the one in next doors garden!

  4. easygardener says:

    It is a lovelyshade of blue, much better than the pink ones. I don’t think I have ever seen a blue flower I didn’t like!

  5. Wow! A lot can be conveyed without words!

  6. My favorite shrub. I so love hydrangeas.

  7. Yvonne Ryan says:

    I have quite a few hydrangeas – some I started from my last garden and about 8 in big pots! I don’t think I have this one – very pretty. I have 2/3 lace caps and some really pretty ones. Yea my gorgeous dark purple dutch irises are out about 21 this year – the clump keeps getting bigger. A pink peach blossom is out behind it – pretty! If I have to move (might have to) I intend to dig them up! Moving is such a pain – especiially as plants and pots need to go tooooooo!!!!

  8. Kathleen says:

    I’m with you on liking hydrangeas Helen. They just need to be babied in our dry climate so not the best fit. 😦
    Spectacular photo!

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