End of Month View – September 2012

A mooch around the garden this morning to take these photos just highlighted how much I needed to do to get my garden back up to scratch.  Oh it might look fine in these photos  but there is a little artistic licence involved and they don’t show the weeds, which to be honest, aren’t that bad, nor how overgrown some things are, or the dead-heading that needs to be done.  I am sure that some will think I am being perfectionist but I am in the process of rediscovering my garden after not having much time due to the allotment.  Now I have decided to give it up I have finally to time to enjoy my garden again rather than grabbing the odd 30 minutes here and there.

I have decided to move the Jasmine growing along the patio wall as it is swamping everything in the border and I am forever cutting it back which means that it never flowers.  So hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be able to dig it up and move it to the end of the patio where I am planning to grow it against the fence.  I am also thinking of moving the Mathiasella bupleuroides ‘Green Dream’ as it is jut to big for the space.  I have moved it from here before but as it propagates from root cuttings if you don’t get all the root out  it regrows – I bit like Acanthus.

This is the second half  of the patio border.  I have lots of miniature  narcissus to plant in this border.  I have chosen varieties which shouldn’t mind it if it gets a little damp.

The Cottage Garden Border is chaotic and wind-swept.  I am averting my eyes at the moment, I have more tulips to plant in here but as it is better to plant them in November/December I can ignore sorting this border while I concentrate on those areas where I want to plant other Spring bulbs.

The daisy border has filled out this year but it is too yellow.  I like yellow  but this border was meant to be more purples and pinks.  They are in there somewhere but the Rudbeckias and Helenium Lemon Queen have taken over so I will need to do some editing and I think a quick visit to Pictons Nursery to buy a few more Asters is in order.

The bog garden and the border in front of it is the most overgrown.  I stupidly planted some Angelica gigs near the front and they have now swamped everything around them.  After taking these photos I spent ages staking the cosmos and rudbeckia which had been blown over or pushed over.  Then I decided that I didn’t want the lupins or geum any more so they came out.  The border needs an identity and I haven’t cracked it yet.  In the end I pulled up all the cosmos and rudbeckia as they were all twisted anyway and weeded the beds.  I am going to move the Angelica up to the very top border where I want some strong foliage shapes.  Then I will planted out some narcissus and wallflowers while I think about what to do with this border.

The woodland areas are on the list for attention over the next month or so.  I have some major plant moving to do, thinning out and re-jigging.

Whilst the garden has lots of work to do in it before the winter arrives I have sorted out the greenhouse and I have more or less potted up all my seedlings.  The pot store is even neat and tidy so I am making progress.

I am really pleased that more and more bloggers are joining in the End of Month meme – some of them show the same bit of garden through the year, others use it to see what is at its best.  I don’t mind how you use  it, whatever works for you but it is nice to see long shots of other bloggers gardens rather than the usual close-ups.  If you would like to join in then leave a link in the comment box.

Author: Helen Johnstone

I live in Malvern, Worcestershire and am a very keen gardener. I started the Patient Gardener Blog in January 2008 as a way of recording what was happening in my garden and connecting with other like-minded people. I started a second blog PatientGardener 365 January 2013 in order to try and post a photo a day to capture what is growing in my garden or places I have visited

30 thoughts on “End of Month View – September 2012”

  1. Hi Helen, your garden is looking wonderfully lush – there are busy times ahead for us all now. I am also thinking of moving the Jasmine completely for the same reason, I have to keep cutting it back to keep it in control and therefore it never has the chance to flower. The rudbekia are looking very heathly, I had none this year which I must rectify. Here is the link to my EOMV http://wp.me/p1jkAI-1Vi I am glad the meme is growing in size, its a great way to follow what others are doing.

  2. I love your combination of grasses, helianthus and rudbeckia – add some asters too, and your daisy border is going to really sing in late summer/autumn. From the distance of photos, all your borders look lush and happy rather than overgrown or in need of weeding. I too have earmarked a few plants to move once they stop flowering, this is a great time of year to add plants or jiggle the ones we have around. I love the sound of a “quick trip” to Picton for some asters, haven’t made it there yet, but one of these days…
    My end of month review is up at http://hillwards.wordpress.com/2012/09/30/september-review/. Thanks again for hosting, it’s a lovely meme. S x

  3. Enjoy rediscovering your garden Helen, now that the ball and chain of the allotment is behind you! As other commenters have said, your garden does manage to look neat and tidy in your pictures, but if you say you have weeding and deadheading to do then we will believe you! This EOMV is such a good way of getting us to review our own gardens, and the combination of praise and suggestions we receive for doing it is a welcome bonus. Thanks for hosting – mine should be posted tomorrow.

  4. Hi Helen, I love all the contrasting foliage shapes, particularly in that first photo, wonderfully lush. You sound as if you are fizzing with enthusiasm and ideas for your garden again, which is great, clearly the right thing to do, getting rid of the allotment. Your greenhouse looks amazingly tidy and organised. My EOMV post is up, I’ll tweak the links in it to point to your post rather than just your blog. Thanks again for hosting, its the most useful and regularly interesting meme I think there is on the gardening blog scene.

  5. My mathsiella has grown in girth too this summer Helen – must be all the wet stuff. It still has to flower though – I am giving it one more year to oblige 🙂 Your daisy border is knitting together well – what is the grass in the top photo? Asters would definitely compliment the mix and oh what a perfect time to visit the Picton Garden. I would have to go with my hands tied behind my back otherwise I could spend a small fortune there.
    My end of month view is now up here :http://www.greentapestry.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/end-of-month-view-september-2012.html

    1. Hi Anna
      There is a row of Calamagrostis overdam along the back of the slope and a Miscanthus in the middle of the border

  6. My you have been busy…I do love the look of the patio border and the bog looks good to me but what do I know. I too have been weeding, reworking, moving plants…I have lots of work in spring as plants come up and I know I will have to divide them. I had little time this year and other projects and bulb planting will take my time this year….I will not have time past the end of November. I will be joining in tomorrow.

  7. I’ll try and get my EOMV done some time today and leave a link. It’s so strange to think that the little ground-hugging perennials and bare wooded shrubs that fill my Spring garden at the moment will grow up and out and turn into billowing masses like yours in a few months. Your garden looks like the essence of Autumn, just as it should. A little untidyness and waywardness (and it is only a very little as far as I can see) is just part of the feel of the season. Like you, sometimes when I look around my garden, I mostly see the things that I’m not yet happy with and all the work that’s still to be done, but a garden is meant to be enjoyed, as you say, and there seems to be a lot to enjoy in yours. I love the look of your patio border with all the foliage shapes, and the “chaotic and windswept” cottage border is just lovely, quite romantic. I also like all the yellow in your daisy border. Of course, solving problems and planning to change things around is fun, but I also hope you’ll take the time to just sit and enjoy your exhuberant Autumn garden this week. (I’m going to try to take my own advice and do the same here despite all the frantic Spring work that needs doing).

  8. Don’t you think Gardeners are NUTS?? We are never satisfied!! Looks lush and lovely Helen! We can’t grow the common little lovely pink jasmine a total rampant weed here and arcanthus another problem!! Windy SW, fluffy clouds and blue sky, showers – typical spring weather for Auckland. Yesterday went to the beach and hundreds there – lots sunbathing – bit cold for me – and kids playing in the water. Thought I was back in Rio as at Mission Bay hundreds queing for ice creams – A bit of sun and the crowds are out anticipating summer!

  9. Your garden looks fabulous, weeds or no weeds (I can’t see any to worry about, looks like lots of healthy plants to me), and at least you can get out in it without wearing thigh waders. Plus, I think your greenhouse is far too perfect, so there, ;-). Rats!

    My apology for an EOMV post is here: http://beangenie.wordpress.com

  10. Hello Helen, I think it looks wonderful, and especially the yellow, but other people never see your garden the same way that you do yourself. And the plan of future changes is always nagging away in one’s brain, of course! I rather agree about allotments – it always feels like something hanging over one ‘to do’, rather than your own back garden which is a pleasure. Happy gardening, Ursula

  11. Your garden looks so lovely and lush. Definitely the sort of look I’m going for myself, though my beds will need a few years before they fill out like that. (Oh, and my beds all seem to turn yellow no matter what I do; why are yellow flowers so much more vigorous than blues and purples, I wonder?)

  12. I always love viewing how thick your perennial beds are. My garden beds are a bit young, so it will take some time. I like the look of a thick and lush bed…it helps keep those weeds at bay as well. Wonderful views as always, and it seems as if you have a lot of tasks on the list. I like that about us gardeners…our gardens are our palettes, and we can change them to whatever we choose. Thanks for hosting!

  13. Hello again, Helen. I had hoped to join you over the summer but especially this month. I must at least get out taking some photos even if I never post them. My pond is once again in limbo, it was nearly there too.

    Yep, too lush and we’re not happy and too bare also. However, for me the fun is moving the plants about and mixing it all up (sometimes several times during the year). Enjoy your bulb planting and moving stuff around 🙂

  14. I like the large leaves and purple foliage in your first patio shot. I think some asters in your daisy border will be a great idea. Your greenhouse is so organized, and the little potting section looks like a great place to work.

    I’ve been busy tucking bulbs into all the available space, in between moving and planting perennials, because those are my favourite jobs, and I’ve been putting off trimming back some tree branches.

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