A mooch around the garden this morning to take these photos just highlighted how much I needed to do to get my garden back up to scratch.  Oh it might look fine in these photos  but there is a little artistic licence involved and they don’t show the weeds, which to be honest, aren’t that bad, nor how overgrown some things are, or the dead-heading that needs to be done.  I am sure that some will think I am being perfectionist but I am in the process of rediscovering my garden after not having much time due to the allotment.  Now I have decided to give it up I have finally to time to enjoy my garden again rather than grabbing the odd 30 minutes here and there.

I have decided to move the Jasmine growing along the patio wall as it is swamping everything in the border and I am forever cutting it back which means that it never flowers.  So hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be able to dig it up and move it to the end of the patio where I am planning to grow it against the fence.  I am also thinking of moving the Mathiasella bupleuroides ‘Green Dream’ as it is jut to big for the space.  I have moved it from here before but as it propagates from root cuttings if you don’t get all the root out  it regrows – I bit like Acanthus.

This is the second half  of the patio border.  I have lots of miniature  narcissus to plant in this border.  I have chosen varieties which shouldn’t mind it if it gets a little damp.

The Cottage Garden Border is chaotic and wind-swept.  I am averting my eyes at the moment, I have more tulips to plant in here but as it is better to plant them in November/December I can ignore sorting this border while I concentrate on those areas where I want to plant other Spring bulbs.

The daisy border has filled out this year but it is too yellow.  I like yellow  but this border was meant to be more purples and pinks.  They are in there somewhere but the Rudbeckias and Helenium Lemon Queen have taken over so I will need to do some editing and I think a quick visit to Pictons Nursery to buy a few more Asters is in order.

The bog garden and the border in front of it is the most overgrown.  I stupidly planted some Angelica gigs near the front and they have now swamped everything around them.  After taking these photos I spent ages staking the cosmos and rudbeckia which had been blown over or pushed over.  Then I decided that I didn’t want the lupins or geum any more so they came out.  The border needs an identity and I haven’t cracked it yet.  In the end I pulled up all the cosmos and rudbeckia as they were all twisted anyway and weeded the beds.  I am going to move the Angelica up to the very top border where I want some strong foliage shapes.  Then I will planted out some narcissus and wallflowers while I think about what to do with this border.

The woodland areas are on the list for attention over the next month or so.  I have some major plant moving to do, thinning out and re-jigging.

Whilst the garden has lots of work to do in it before the winter arrives I have sorted out the greenhouse and I have more or less potted up all my seedlings.  The pot store is even neat and tidy so I am making progress.

I am really pleased that more and more bloggers are joining in the End of Month meme – some of them show the same bit of garden through the year, others use it to see what is at its best.  I don’t mind how you use  it, whatever works for you but it is nice to see long shots of other bloggers gardens rather than the usual close-ups.  If you would like to join in then leave a link in the comment box.