Anyone who follows this blog well will have noticed that I have discarded the allotment in favour of exploring the fascinating world of alpines – smaller, neater, no couch grass.

I have noticed over the last couple of months a number of small dainty pots finding their way  home with me from various talks, shows and gardens.  Being interested in alpines was particularly good when visiting The Garden House in Devon.  The reason we were in Devon was to take my youngest back to University so you can imagine how full my car was – no room for plants then?  Arh yes but there was room for a little gentiana, which just fitted in the sunglass whatsemacallit thingy between the front seats.

I potted it up and top dressed with horticultural grit in true alpine growing style and it is now flowering.

I really do like gentiana especially the intensity of the blue so much punch for something so small.

If the other alpines I have bought, or will be buying, deliver such a punch then I’m a convert.