GBBD October 2012 – The Daisy Border

I took these photographs yesterday morning as I am meant to be a work today but needless to say the  cold that had been dogging my heels for the last week decided to start snapping and I have given in and retreated to my  bed.   Yesterday morning was one of those damp, chilly, misty Autumnal mornings.  The sun was trying to break through the mist  and was dancing off the petals of this Rudbeckia.  I don’t know which one this is, it self-seeded in my garden last year but it is very welcome with its elegant petals and cool dark centre.

The  Daisy Border (aka the slope) is the star of the show at the moment.  The grasses are filling out and the various ‘daisy’ type flowers are looking good although I need to do some thinning and add more variety.  This Verbena bonariensis is planted amongst the Calamagrostis overdam and is working well.  I have some seedlings to plant out  next year  to increase the effect.

Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ is one of the plant dominating the border.  Close up it looks so sweet, dainty but en masse in two clumps I think it is too much.  I need some more purples in the border.

One of my Picton Asters – it might be Sara but I’m not sure.  The sun was really trying to come through when I took this plus there is currently another border in front of the slope so I have to step over the plants to take the photos.

I have lots of these Japanese Anemones and I need to move some so I am thinking of add them to the daisy border.  Now I know they aren’t daisy flowers but it is only a loose name and I think with their long stems they will work well in the shady end of the border maybe instead of one of the clumps of helianthus.

There are some other blooms in the garden but it is all a little faded so I won’t bore you with those.  For other gardeners’ Garden Blogger Bloom Day posts visit Carol’s blog.  I like the ones at this time of the year on the other side of the world to me where they are just starting spring.

17 Comments on “GBBD October 2012 – The Daisy Border

  1. I’m so glad you features the daisy border, I have been wondering how it was looking. You have some pretty effects, it would be nice to see the overall effect sometime. I hope you feel better soon and that this will be your only cold of the winter. Christina

    • I will do a post on the Daisy Border soon with some long shots just for you

  2. Some lovely flowers. The Lemon Queen does look delicate so close-up, a lovely soft colour. I know what you mean about having to trample on some plants to take pictures of others, some of my back-of-border ones are avoiding close-ups for this reason: it is particularly bad now that the soil is so wet it clings to my boots and I end up taking half the border back out with me too! 🙂

  3. I love the anemones! Such a delicate and beautiful bloom. And it’s hard to believe that you have too many Lemon Queens. But I think you are right in thinking about adding some purple. That will make a wonderful compliment.

  4. I have some Japanese anemones in the poorest corner imaginable and they have bloomed faithfully for years. (no sun, poor soil)

  5. Your flowers make me feel wistful. Our Rudbeckias are played out here, the asters are well past their prime. Most of our color is in the foliage for now.

  6. Japanese anemones here seem to have grown to gigantic proportions this year. You have given me welcome reminder to look out for ‘Yellow Queen ‘ – such a soft gentle colour. Hope you shake off that cold soon. Take care.

  7. This ‘Lemon Queen’ seems to be a mixed blessing – those of us who haven’t got it think how lovely it looks!! Your daisy border is proving to be a real success and I look forward to seeing your new additions next year.

  8. Lovely photos – we have to be careful with Japanese Anemones as they really spread!! I have a patch very dry in summer and NO sun in winter. When they flower late summer lovely. I don’t like the pink ones, the white ones really ‘glow’ and their yellow centres are lovely. Cold, strong SW spring winds here – blew over chairs, pot plants etc!! Garden Club went to a Disability Garden today with raised beds etc. VG

  9. Lovely photos; misty days are my favorite for photography. I think the Japanese Anemone would look nice with the Helianthus. I hope you are feeling much better by now!

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