Wordless Wednesday 17/10/12 – Sorbus vilmorinii

11 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday 17/10/12 – Sorbus vilmorinii

    • It is a beautiful tree, my birthday present to myself this year. The berries get lighter and lighter in colour as they get older.

  1. A unique colour Helen – I seem to remember it being a recent acquisition – you could not have treated yourself better.

    • It is lovely, wonderful autumn foliage as well. Only had it since March but it seems to be growing well. Am in Malvern, mid UK. Dont they come from mountainous regions so should be hardy – she says rashly

  2. Hey Hel!

    Ive been wondering how you came to choose this Sorbus- as it’s a tree I def want to get in my garden (when I get one!) and wondered if this was a particularly good cultivar or basically how you came to choose this one.

    Ideally I want a Sorbus that keeps its fruits for a long time- crops heavily and has great autumn colour! A tall order I know- would you recommend it?


    • Hi Owen
      I choose this from an article I read a year or so ago in one of the glossy gardening mags. I wanted a different one but ended up buying this particular one as my local nursery had it. I wanted the berries that started bright pink and faded to white, so pretty and the birds arent that attracted to them.
      I have only had it since March but the autumn foliage is looking good so far.
      Try Kevock they had some interesting ones and Crug do

  3. Sorbus is such an interesting genus, we have a couple of different ones in the garden. Yours is lovely, great colour to the fruits

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