Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – 15th November 2012

Taking the photographs for this post were quite  challenging.  I had forgotten that GBBD was coming up at the weekend so it meant that I had to take photographs either before or after work today.  This only actually gives about a 10 minute window of opportunity in the morning when the light is almost good enough before I go to work as when I get home from work it is dark.  And of course 10 minutes in the morning is very valuable when you are trying to get out to work so these photographs were literally taken on the run, wearing inappropriate shoes and a suit!

The garden looks quite colourful but that is generally the yellows and reds of the falling leaves.  However a quick scoot around identified that some of the daisies are still flowering well.  The Bidens and Rudbeckia (in photos above) are flowering well.  Some of  the Asters and annual Rudbeckia are still in flower but to be honest are looking a little sorry for themselves.

The Abelia is starting to flower.  I do think this is such an under-rated shrub.  It sits quietly all Summer providing structure and a backdrop to the perennials and now as the colour is fading it starts to flower and has a wonderful scent.  I would have taken the photo from the other side but it meant wading through the border in heels!

I have one Cosmos plant that has flowered well this year, the rest have been something and nothing and this is the second year.  I suspect I am letting them get too leggy before they are planted out and then they never really recover.  I will try again next year and hopefully now the allotment has gone I won’t get behind with planting out seedlings.

And finally the Lobelia tupa has been flowering for weeks and weeks.  In my opinion another overlooked perennial.  It has  wonderful glaucous foliage and then these wonderful flower-heads.  It is easy from seed but takes a while to re-appear in the Spring.  Mine grows very happily on clay based soil which gets very wet in the winter.  I would recommend it very highly.

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  1. That lobelia tupa looks so outlandish and exotic; I’m definitely going to be looking it up, especially with your comments about clay soil and wet winters… Sounds like it could do well in my garden!

    Here the rudbeckias are long gone, and even the last of the sweet peas has died, leaving me entirely without flowers – but with lots of leaves in yellows, browns and golds, so that’s all right.

  2. lindasgarden says:

    Reblogged this on Linda's New Garden & Wildlife Journey and commented:
    Helen they are lovely

  3. With the sun at such a low angle now, I’m often finding it tricky to get photos during the daytime if it is very cloudy. My camera kept wanting to turn on the flash around the evergreens. It’s heartening to still see some blooms in the garden. Having some Rudbeckia and Cosmos flowers gives you motivation to stroll around the garden and check things out. Best of all would be to have something actually start its blooms, like your Abelia.

  4. I love that Lobelia tupa, I’ve never seen it before. I grow L. cardinalis and L. syphilitica, which really needs a new name. Both have pretty much died back to the basal leaves here.

  5. Beverley Jones says:

    Lovely photos – the abelia looks interesting especially if it flowers regularly at this time of the year. Planted several echinaceas, rudbeckia, lobelia, Crocosmia and Sedum Joy to have a bit of Autumn colour They have just about surrendered but they did the job, first time I have actually planned a “later” garden. I have a garden full of Japanese Acers which are very beautiful in their fall this year but they are not flowers so that’s why I added a few late comers.

  6. Scott Weber says:

    I’m SO jealous of your Lobelia Tupa…I wish I had room for some.

    1. patientgardener says:

      Hi Scott
      Lobeila tupa isnt that big a plant, smaller than your average dahlia

  7. Anna B says:

    I’m loving the Lobelia tupa too 🙂

  8. Julie Adolf says:

    Your lobelia tupa is fabulous–what a great photo! The color of the cosmos is lovely–what a pretty, soft addition to the garden. Happy GBBD to you!

  9. Lea says:

    Great color in your garden!
    I usually have Cosmos (they re-seed themselves), but none this year. I will have to buy seed for Spring.
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

    1. patientgardener says:

      Hi Lea – never had Cosmos re-seed but then I havent had good Cosmos for several years. Will try harder next year

  10. hillwards says:

    Lovely abelia and lobelia. I had similar issues with leggy cosmos this year, abandoning them in their pots for far too long. Fortunately we had some self-sown ones from last year’s plants which have been blooming much more happily.

    1. patientgardener says:

      Hi Sarah – so glad its not only me with leggy cosmos

  11. Christina says:

    Happy GBBD Helen; it was noble of you to go outside in your smart clothes to take photographs to share with us. Lots of lovely things. Christina

    1. patientgardener says:

      Hi Christine – I know the things I do for blogging

  12. Cathy says:

    Despite what you say about your camera and how you use it your photos are always lovely, Helen. Good to read about the Lobelia – I shall look it up and see how it compares to my ‘Blue Fan’ in terms of hardiness, etc. Well done for negotiating a brief time slot to prepare the post – I was presiding at the Police Commissioner elections yesterday and had no internet access all day so took my pictures the day before, wrote the text and edited the photos inbetween all the voters (hah!), then put them together when I got home, very late and very tired! See how diligent we all are 🙂

    1. patientgardener says:

      Hi Cathy – daft isnt it how we left a specific date and meme to influence us

  13. gail says:

    I completely agree with you Helen, abelia is underappreciated. I have recently seen some very exciting cultivars, but the old standby species is still a wonderful shrub

  14. So lucky to have a fatsia seedhead! i tried growing one and it lasted about two years then died. I think the cold was too much. Lovely late flowers you have. I have to smile thinking of you snapping photos in heels! I agree with you on the abelia. It is indeed a lovely shrub but not used as much as it should be.

  15. I love my Abelia too, its a gorgeous shrub. Your garden is full of lovely colour – the Lobelia looks most interesting!

  16. Mark and Gaz says:

    Hi Helen, glad to know Lobelia tupa does well for you. Somehow we never could get this plant to thrive in our garden but we seem to be an exception. You still have a nice selection of blooms even during this time of the year, it’s always nice to get that extra colour from flowers now that the dreary cold months have begun.

  17. I know what you mean by trying to take pictures during a short window of time…these are lovely and I had not seen this lobelia before and really like it.

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