I was watching Gardeners World the other week and they had a bit on tulips featuring a wonderful garden which had a stunning display of  tulips.  I had read about Utling Wick before and how the owner plants around 9000 tulips each year – makes my display appear quite pathetic.

I was particular interested in the bit about planting tulips in pots and my imagination was caught by the large metal planters full of tulips.  I have an old tin bath that I have struggled over the years to successfully plant up.  This summer it has had lavender in but it has still not looked as wonderful as it did in my imagination.  Anyway having been inspired by the planters at Utling Wick I raided the bargain bucket at the local DIY store and bought 60 odd tulips in a range of colours: red, yellows, purples, pinks.  I also had a packet of unknown tulips that had come in a selection pack. Today the lavender were unceremoniously removed and the tulips planted  The owner  of Ulting Wick had commented that when you plant tulips  in pots  and containers you need to be generous and plant them much closer than you would in borders.  As you can see I took her instructions to heart!  Maybe too much.

There were two packets left over: Tulipa Angelique and Tulipa Purple Flag and these have been planted in a tall blue pot – also crammed in.  We shall  see what the results are like but at the end of the day it only cost be £8 so hardly any investment.  Fingers crossed it will look fabulous.