Weekly Photo Challenge – Green

I noticed yesterday that my blogging friend Ronnie was participating in a weekly photo challenge meme run by wordpress.  This weeks theme was ‘green’.  I thought that as it was such an easy subject matter for a gardener like me I would join in so yesterday morning I wandered round the garden seeing how many different types of green I could find.

First up the yellow green of the Choysia which is looking really healthy at the moment, in fact healthier than it has all year so I suspect that the cooler damp weather suits its well. It is also no longer shaded by the tree next to it which has lost its leaves so maybe that is also a contributor.

Then there is the glaucous blue of the prostate rosemary that completely dominated the border, draping down the wall.  It’s funny how much I love this plant but how much I forget its there until this time of the year when the frost outlines the cobwebs.

Another good glaucous blue is the Melianthus major.  I have three of these grown from seed last year.  There are too big now to dig up and overwinter so I am going to have to give them a thick mulch around the stems and keep my fingers crossed.  It has been suggested that I make fleece tents for them and stuff them with straw so I might consider this if you temperatures look like they will really drop.

Lots of shiny green: Sarcococcao hookeriana humilis (Christmas Box); Acanthus, Japanese Holly Fern

Rich dark green of the Berberis

Lots of lovely Greens many of which will remain in the garden through the winter and are my winter stalwarts.  Green for me is fresh and a signifier of growth and life.

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11 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Green

  1. Great photos!!!! Don’t really understand about the wool tents – it’s a bit like me putting ice blocks over peonies to have a plant that likes cold – yet I bought a huge bunch out in the country from Christchurch – real cheap – straight out of the paddock – and took them on the plane with me – much to lots of peoples delight!! I now have a huge of peonies coming out – whites, reds and sunset – WOW – with Bookclub tomorrow nights here to OOhH and ARRR and my birthday this week it’s always my pressie to myself! Don’t they go to extreme lengths to grow roses in parts of Canada?

  2. Love your green close up shots Helen! Looks like you’re having fun with your camera (which gives me an extra nudge that I really must buy a new one!).

  3. Just the perfect post to include for foliage day too Helen. Regarding the Melianthus major, I think it is quite hardy if it isn’t too wet. Diana, at Elephant’s eye mentioned that she always cuts hers back in spring anyway so it may well come back even if it is struck by frost. If it’s in a free draining part of your garden, I think it will be OK. Christina

  4. The Melianthus leaves are particularly lovely. I also get the Daily Post email prompts, but many of the Weekly Photo Challenges aren’t really relevant to what I post in my blog – yet I saw this, looked at some of the pictures, and still didn’t make the connection between ‘green’ and ‘garden’ or ‘leaves’, etc. Whatever was I (not) thinking of?! Might do it for a Wednesday post.

  5. I had melianthus for years, but it did not get through the double winter of 2010. I must get it again although I am not that fond of its peanut butter smell (some folk says it smells of honey)

  6. You have a lovely variety of greens! Too many people treat green as a non-color in their gardens. Even an all green garden need not be boring at all, as there are so many different shades, textures and forms to play with.

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