Is it a driller or a dibber – no its a dribber


Heres a snazzy Christmas stocking gift for any gardeners you might know.  It’s a Dribber from Hen & Hammock and was sent to me to review.

I  have to say I was a little sceptical about its usefulness but having messed around with it in the greenhouse this past weekend I think it is rather good.

Hen & Hammock market it as a cross between a driller and a dibber.  The idea is that you use the pointy side to make holes for seeds and the flat side to smooth over the compost or soil or you could use the end as a driller.  I use half seed trays but as you can see the dribber worked well.  I particularly like the fact that I can use it to firm the compost as I am always scratching around the greenhouse to find an appropriate tool.

My only negative comment is that the seed holes it makes are quite large and I wonder how many of us need such large holes in a seed tray.  After all seeds like peas and beans are generally sown in individual pots.  I suppose  you could also use it directly on the soil if you have a row of large seeds to sow.  I would like to see the points slightly narrower and more of them so you have smaller holes but more per row but that is just a quibble.  I also think you would be able to use this to make holes ready for pricking out  seedlings.

All in all I think that this is a slightly quirky gift for a gardener, it would make a change to the standard garden gloves and so much more interesting.


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  1. Anna B says:

    Hello Helen! I’ve seen these around the internet lately and have been intrigued as to whether they would be any good! After reading your post I think it probably would be quite handy. I might ask my other half to have a go at making me one though 😉

  2. Mark and Gaz says:

    Oh I like that! Makes ‘dibbing’ quicker!

  3. Cathy says:

    Yes, I am afraid I agree with Anna. Even though I could do it myself the Golfer would immediately run one up in about 15 minutes if I expressed even half an interest. And it would surely benefit from some sort of handle – or it could be double sided with a different spacing on the one side.

  4. Anna says:

    Read about this over at Veg Plotting recently and commented that I might treat myself to one. so it’s interesting to read your observations. I have a compost firmer that himself fashioned out of wood for me which has proved invaluable over the years, but my fingers might appreciate something that also does holes.

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