The soggy weekend forced me to do one of those jobs I am excellent at avoiding – tidying up the patio and addressing my guilty secrets.

The guilty secrets in question are those impulse buys that haven’t found a home in the garden.  I have actually identified homes for most of them and had intended to plant them over the last few weekends but as ever plans were thwarted.  Anyway I have now decided that with all the rain we have had and the predicted drop in temperatures later this week that planting them now may not be the best idea.  So I have decided to leave them be until the Spring along with some other plant moving I had planned for this Autumn.

However, this raised another problem – where to put my guilty secrets over the winter.  The cold frames are full and I don’t want to put them in the greenhouse as I don’t think a frost free environment is right for overwintering perennials, so what to do?  Anyway, the Succulent Theatre was empty as its occupants had been moved to the greenhouse, so the outside staging was sitting empty apart for some stray pots.  By grouping the plants here I can cover them with fleece if the cold weather hits.

Along with the guilty secrets I have squirreled away some pots of seeds which were sown in the Spring but need a good cold spell and some bowls of spring bulbs.  The patio is now cleared up and all my guilty secrets are gathered in – I have to say there aren’t as many as I thought there was going to be so I don’t feel so guilty.