End of Month View – November 2012

It’s the end of November and there really isn’t much to show in the garden about from neglect and autumn views and not nice autumn views but soggy tired ones.  The photograph above shows one of the better parts of the garden at the moment, the working corner.  Here is my son’s wood store although it has been slightly hijacked to store my bamboo clouches and path membrane from the allotment, but then he has taken up most of the garage. In the front behind the bamboo are the two big compost bins which are overflowing ridiculously and demonstrate what happens when you don’t turn your compost heaps or manage them in any way at all.  Next year I will do better  – honest.

This is the woodland garden.  You can tell its a woodland garden due to the amount of leaves covering it from the neighbour’s trees!!  I have started to clear some of the leaves from the border.  I  know some argue that you should leave the leaves as a mulch but I have mixed feelings about this as I am sure they harbour slugs and other pests and I don’t want my Spring perennials and bulbs being munched before they have a chance to get going.  I often push the leaves under the larger shrubs and trees.

The slope is also looking a bit neglected.  The grasses at the back are looking Ok and some of the Asters but the Helianthus Lemon Queen has not decayed well and just look like brown messes.  I seriously need to have a tidy up here and I still want to plant some tulip for Spring colour.

The bog garden and the confused corner garden have some plants of interest but generally they have seen better days.  The border at the front of the bog garden has lots of narcissus planted in it and have a ridiculous pile of free bulbs which I think I will pop into the corner bed just to add some Spring colour.  I am still trying to find an identity or theme or something for this corner as it hasn’t worked.  I have a number of options from ripping it all out and putting in some sort of bulky raised bed for alpines to using it for mad bright big annuals.  I suspect it will be the latter while I ponder the former for another year.

I leave you with a peak at the front garden which I have been trying to work on this year. I have reshaped the lawn (well nearly as the rain stopped me lifting the turf along the top edge near the house) and there are lots of bulbs planted.  This is going to be the subject of next year’s End of Month View.  I will probably start in December with a post showing you how it has changed this year.

If you would like to join in with the End of Month View you are very welcome to.  You can use it for whatever purpose you like, there are no rules but it would be very nice if you could add a link to your post in the comments box so I can have a nose at your  garden.

20 Comments on “End of Month View – November 2012

  1. Hi Helen, I love noseying around other people’s gardens so it’s great to see what’s going on in yours! Thanks for sharing! I’m the same about the leaves, I don’t like them lying around and I tend to think they’re more valuable if they’re gathered up and left to rot in a bag for later. I don’t have any good photos of my garden or allotment to link to right now, but in terms of the leaf mulch we used our 3 year old stock the other night when we went night gardening! So you could check that out if you’re interested. I also have two posts snooping at my parent’s plot and some of the other plots up at her allotments. I know you aren’t overly keen on veggie growing anymore but if you fancy a nosey feel free! 🙂 http://digtheoutside.wordpress.com

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    • Hi Sara – you garden is so not messy, just gentle autumnal decline

    • Hi Kate
      Thanks for joining in again this month – oh to have good bones!!!!

  3. Hi Helen, I think there is something rather wonderful about the dishevelled look gardens get at this time of year. And I love your purple wheelbarrow… Shame about ‘Lemon Queen’ not dying well, but the weather we have been having would challenge any plant’s death throes! Your front garden is looking rather good, will look forward to seeing it develop next year. Thanks for hosting again, I actually managed to join in again this month, <a="http://plantaliscious.janetbruten.co.uk/2012/11/end-of-month-view-november-2012/&quot;)mine is here.

  4. I’ve not turned the compost heap either and am not likely to now after seeing a rat emerging from it last week – problem of having uncultivated land and stream behind us 😦 The front garden is looking noticeably different Helen – you have put in some real hard graft there by the looks of it. Never quite sure about how to tackle fallen leaves either. My EOMV post will hopefully materialise soon – have been absent from home for a few days so have not been out in the garden to contemplate.

    • Hi B-a-g – it difficult to say how long. I empty it about once a year and the bottom half is generally compost and then I return the top hald to the bottom of the heap and start again. Have plans to do better thi year – maybe! Helen

  5. Helen I think like you that some mulches can hide slugs and things, I also find they can keep the ground to wet in times of a lot of rain, which seems to be all the time for a few months now here,
    having already read your next post I know you have done the tasks you speak of here, well done, you have a lot of green and texture in your garden,
    thanks for commenting on my post and at last I am here, here is my link,
    thanks for hosting this meme, Frances

  6. Helen I finally have my post up for EMV…Your garden looks more green than mine but similar in its decay…you doi have slugs and more snails there in the UK so I can see why you don’t want leaves…my visiting birds turn the leaves I leave up and eat the insects and slugs so I have not hd a problem with leaves as mulch but only the gardner knows their own garden…here is my post and as always thanks for hosting…


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