This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is along the theme of reflections.

I was really pleased to see this theme as it made me go for a trip up the Malvern  Hills which are only a 5 minute drive from so that I could visit Earnslaw Pool.  It is a former quarry and very deep.  I love it as there is a wonderful atmosphere about the place.  You can only approach from one narrow end of the pool, the rest is surrounded by high walls from the former quarry.

This weekend due to the cold we have had the pool was frozen although the ice was beginning to melt.  I couldn’t get right to the pool but I took the above photo by the entrance.  I found the process fascinating since when I looked down into the water the reflections of the trees weren’t that clear instead my eyes were drawn through the clear water to the decaying leaves lying on the bottom of the pool.  It was only when I looked at the screen on my camera that I saw that the camera had seen the view differently and really picked up the colours of the sky and trees above.

I also liked the way that the trees growing up the steep side of the quarry seemed to be slightly distorted in the reflection they appear to be growing at different angles which is not the case.

Taking this photograph was an interesting lesson in how cameras work.