5 minute Christmas table decoration


Any one who has read this blog for a while will know that despite its title I’m not really very patient and there are certain things, like flower arranging and the similar activities, that I am hopeless at.  However, I am becoming adept at finding quick and in my opinion snazzy alternatives.

Having put up the Christmas tree and decorated the living and dining rooms I had a lots of assorted bubbles left over.  So I piled them into two bowls one for the gold and white themed living room and one for the red themed dining room.  I am rather pleased with the result.



10 Comments on “5 minute Christmas table decoration

  1. A bowl of baubles is such an easy way to create a Christmas decoration that packs a punch – visually. In my family the tree has always been brought inside on the morning of Christmas Eve (we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve here in Denmark), and then we’d spend the day decorating it and cooking the big Christmas dinner. (And the candles on the tree are only light after the dinner has been tidied away and we are ready to sign some Christmas carols and open some presents.) So up to the 24th I have all my Christmas baubles in bowls and trays… And they are even prettier to me, knowing that they will adorn my tree on Christmas Eve.

    • I wanted to leave it until next week but my eldest son was keen to put up the tree. There seems a trend here in the UK to put the Christmas decorations up earlier and earlier with lots of people putting them up the first weekend. Far too early for me. I love that you dont put yours up until Christmas Eve what a nice tradition

    • The tree goes up on the 24th and has to be out before New Year’s Eve… Sure, I’d love to look at the tree for longer, but I have kept that tradition simply because it means that the tree retains its magic; when Christmas arrives and the duck or goose is roasting in the oven you’re still waiting for that epitomy of Christmas; when the tree is finally revealed with all its candles alight and the baubles shining in the candle light. The entire party is packed off in a darkened room, and all lights are turned off – including candles – while one person lights the tree. It used to always be my Dad, but since I’ve had my own tree it’s always been me.
      Then, when the doors are opened and there are no other lights at all, the tree shines with a radiance that replicates my childhood Christmas. The candles will burn out in 2-3 hours, and in my family there is a tradition to “bet” on the candles; whoever picks the candle that burns the longest, wins. (Though there is only the honour to be won.) I know – from my time in the UK – that many British people find the combination of dry pine needles, paper ornaments and live candles a rather frightning experience, but I’ve never seen a tree catch fire during my 34 Christmasses.

    • Tee hee – I liked that too 🙂 but I wonder if you intended it Helen?! Such a simple idea to use the spare baubles like this

  2. They are delightful – simple, homemade and very Christmassy. The best sort of decorations and the ones I love best.

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